Where Can I Buy Custom Made Blinds In Mandurah?

Vertical Blinds to suit your home and decorCustom made blinds are perfect for your home but where can you buy them in Mandurah? Check out custom made blinds at Rian’s Window Treatments we have your window shades needs covered.

Buy custom made blinds at Rian’s Window Treatments because they are:

  1. Affordable
  2. Tailored to your exact needs
  3. Huge range of fabrics
  4. Excellent feature
  5. Locally made


We offer affordable blinds that are custom made to suit your budget and needs. Perfect for your home décor no matter what theme you have.

Custom made

We tailor our custom made blinds to your exact needs. Rian’s Window Treatments make your blinds so they fit your windows and door, no one size fits all here. We even come and install them for you. Sounds expensive doesn’t it? Well generally the cost is similar to the readymade cost but you get a much more superior job and product.

Want perfect presentation in your room? Buy custom made blinds as they fit perfectly to your windows. Near enough is not good enough, don’t settle for near enough.

Huge range of fabrics

Dress up your windows with lovely themes designed to bring amazing ambience to your home. Check out our huge range of fabrics and choose your design to fit with your furniture, pot plants, and wall colour.

We have over 100 fabrics to choose from so you are sure to find the perfect one for your home!

Excellent feature

Our custom made blinds have excellent feature great to last long term protecting your furnishing buy preventing the sun hitting them. We can add bling, tassels and other features to your blinds to suit your needs, likes and desires.

Locally made

We sell Australian made blinds many of which are made right here in our Mandurah show room. Warranties and repairs can be done right here in Mandurah.

Where Can I Buy Custom Made Blinds In Mandurah?

Buy custom made blinds at Rian’s Window Treatments. We can come to you and fit blinds exact to your needs. Tell us your requirements and we can make designs as what you request.

Contact us on 9581 5005 to discuss your needs. All quotes are measures and quotes are free.