What’s the right blind to use for a super sunny bathroom?

Bathroom blindsA sunny bathroom is nice – it lets you enjoy the natural light while enjoying your bathroom experience. However, a super sunny bathroom is a different story. You want a well lit bathroom, but too much sunlight is not a good idea. When it reflects on your bathroom mirror, it can create a blinding light which you don’t want. So, what do we do?

Block too much sunlight

If it’s a glass window that’s letting in too much sunlight, perhaps it’s time to block off some light. How is this possible? By using bathroom blinds. Blinds are the perfect addition to filtering too much light without actually letting your bathroom look dark. The right blind will block the sunlight when it is annoying and will let the sunshine flow through when you want it.

Bathroom blinds are the answer

A great option for your bathroom is to use blinds that can be tilted on top and the bottom independently. Your blind will have a decorative rail in the middle – this will allow you to tilt the top blind to let in light while the bottom section remains closed. This will let in some of the light but not too much all at once. With blinds, you can still enjoy your privacy while filtering out the light.

What’s the right blind to use for a super sunny bathroom?

Can’t decide what type of blinds will fit your bathroom perfectly?

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