What type of blinds will suit my bathroom?

Venetian Blinds are perfect for bathroomsBathrooms are a wet and damp place. Steam can penetrate your bathroom if you use the wrong blinds that can’t withstand moisture. To avoid moisture, install the right bathroom blinds to provide good ventilation.

Reasons to get moisture resistant bathroom blinds:

  1. Blinds that can withstand high humidity
  2. Affordable and cost effective
  3. Allows sufficient light
  4. Creates elegant look

Blinds that can withstand high humidity

Having hot baths and showers in your bathroom will require your blinds to resist high humidity levels and water splashes plus provide the privacy that you need.

Affordable and cost effective

While wooden and heavy fabric blinds don’t work well in a wet room as they can be prone to mildew, it is better to use moisture-resistant bathroom blinds that can last longer, saves you time and money perfect to put your mind at rest.

Allows sufficient light

Unless you have a large luxurious bathroom area, you may notice that your small bathroom doesn’t get enough light. Make sure to install moisture-resistant blinds to maximise natural sunlight in your room without losing your privacy. Consider a colour palette of light hues to provide brighter look in your bathroom. Remember to open your blinds to let the sun in whenever possible.

Creates elegant look

Blinds come in a variety of size, colour, pattern and style to add a splash of elegance to your bathroom. You can add venetian blinds to have privacy screening during daylight andnight.

What type of blinds will suit my bathroom?

Choose moisture resistant bathroom blinds to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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