What to consider when matching blinds to your décor

roman blindsBlinds don’t just sit in the background of a room; they play a big part in creating the whole feel of your home. Therefore you should spend at least a little time picking out the perfect blinds.

The best blinds will suit your taste, personality and create the perfect feel inside; your blinds should also match your décor.

Matching every little detail up might seem hard at first, but when you know what to consider it can be relatively simple.

Here is a list of factors to think about:

  • Choose a theme for your room and match everything to it
  • Make sure your blind selection is practical
  • Consider the conditions around the windows
  • Consider colours and patterns

Blend in with the room’s theme

Your room theme will be what determines all the element that go into your room. It is very simple – look around your room and match your blinds with your current theme. If you see lots of timber finish around, you can have timber venetian blinds to blend in and avoid making the room look busy.

Make sure your blind selection is practical

The blinds should not only match your décor but should also be a practical choice. In other words, it should be easy to use and child safe too. Think about who will use the room and why. You will choose different blinds for a kitchen than you would your living room.

Consider the condition around your windows/doors

Look in and around the window. For example, a vertical blind might seem like a good option for a sliding door but the handle on the door will create an obstruction. This is not just about the beauty of your blinds but its functionality too.

Colours and patterns

Your blinds should last for a long time, so it’s generally better to choose neutral colours and patterns. That way, if your décor does change slightly (or completely) the blinds are more likely to match and you won’t have to replace them.

Use softer colour for toddlers and brighter hues for young kids, rather than using a cartoon character that they may grow out of in 6 months time.

What to consider when matching blinds to your décor

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