What kind of curtains keep the cold air out?

sitting_roomEnjoy a snuggly warm winter inside your home by closing your curtains. However not all curtains can shoo away breezy air from entering your home. Here are 3 of the best cold air blockers you can choose from.

3 types of curtains that can block cold air out:

  1. Thick curtains
  2. Insulated curtains
  3. Lined curtains

Thick curtains

Want to stay warm this winter then don’t choose lightweight materials like linen, lace, and sheer cotton as they are loosely woven and allow chilly air to penetrate your rooms. Use thick curtains that are heavyweight, tightly woven textiles like heavy cotton or poly cotton blend or velvet to provide dense barrier against wintry outdoor air. Thick curtains or layered curtains create tighter air space to keep frosty air from entering your house allowing to maintain a cosy indoor temperature.

Insulated curtains

Made with four separate layers, insulated curtains are constructed with a core layer of high density foam to block cold air from coming indoors. Insulated curtains or thermal lined drapes contain vapour barrier coating which can prevent warm air turn cold or escape from your house.

Lined curtains

Lined curtains have two layers, decorative fabric that faces into the room and lining that reflects outside the window. Choose lovely themed curtains to display in your room while blocking cold air out your home. Create the feel you want to convey in your room whether romantic, modern, modern, or retro with cosy lined curtains.

What kind of curtains keep the cold air out?

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