What is the Best Window Treatment for My Baby’s Nursery?

Babys room curtainsExpecting a baby? Congratulations!

You have lots of things to think about and get for your new baby. When you are decorating the baby’s nursery, there are many things you should consider – space, style, baby decor and the theme. You want everything to be just perfect for your little one.

When deciding on a theme it is good to start with the windows. The window treatment that you choose will be a large block of colour and can make or break your beautiful room.

Window treatments

What are window treatments?

Window treatments are the collective term used for blinds, curtains and drapes that cover the windows in your home. When choosing the right window treatment for your baby’s nursery, there are a number of factors that you should consider.

Here are the lists:

  • The ability to control light
  • Control noise
  • The overall style of the room
  • Safety concerns

The ability to control light

You need to find a window treatment that can give you full control on how much light will enter through the window. Your baby needs sleep the most for their growth – too much sunlight can be a distraction. You can choose blinds as they can be controlled easily, just make sure the cords attached to the wall and are put at a safe distance for the safety of your baby. Think about where the cot will be positioned in relationship to the window because before you blink your tiny baby will become a toddler trying to stand up in the cot.

The overall style of the room

A baby’s room should look like a baby room, lovely and gorgeous, especially if you are having a little girl. The window treatment should complement the overall style of the room in order to accentuate the room’s aesthetic. It should match the room’s colour, theme and decors.

Safety concerns

While beauty and functionality matters, it is the safety that matters the most. Your little one should be safe and protected from any possible harm around them. Choose a window treatment that is child friendly – your baby’s protection must come first before anything else.

What is the best window treatment for my baby’s nursery?

If you are unsure about what to choose, ask us. Here at Rian’s Window Treatments, we have a huge range of options that will be right for you and your baby. We will give you free advice and will show you samples and fabrics of different window treatments options that will work best for your situation. Ring us now for free advice and quotes.  Blinds, curtains, drapes and shutters lots of chooses from luxury to budget option because your baby deserves the best!