What are the benefits of using lined curtains?

lined curtainsLined curtains offer numerous benefits:

  • Sound softening
  • Insulation
  • Energy cost savings
  • Versatility

Sound softening

Lined curtains use soft fabrics to absorb noise in the room and stop sound from reflecting around the hard surfaces like ceilings, walls and floors. They help to soften sound, reduce noise level for a more peaceful room.


Lined curtains help in reducing the transfer of heat and cold between the inside and outside of your home through the windows.  Making your rooms cooler in summer and retaining heat in winter.

Energy cost savings

The insulation properties of lined curtains help prevent heat escaping from the home in winter.  In warmer summer months they diminish the loss of cool air when cooling systems are needed within the home.  They help ensure consistency within your home resulting in energy savings and reduced power bills.


Lined curtains come in many styles that are suited to a variety of window shapes and sizes.  They offer an attractive appearance that is well suited to any room.

Lined curtains can be made to compliment the fabrics and design of your room. Match your existing décor or add a complimentary style to brighten up your room.

Need curtains?

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