What Are Pelmets and How to Use Them

Curtain pelmetsA pelmet is the framework placed above a window and used for decorative purposes and to hide fittings and curtain rods as well as help in the regulation of light and heat at the top part of the window.  Pelmets sit on top of your window treatments. They are usually made of MDF or wood and can be bought as a kit, readymade on their own or custom made to match your curtains for blinds. The pelmets can either be painted, upholstered or padded.

Selecting pelmets

There are a number of decorative options to choose from, pelmets are an ideal choice for any of the window treatments from the simple style to the contemporary. The best guideline when choosing your new pelmets is to base it on the size that fits the windows.

Pelmets come in different designs and you can opt to add features at the bottom such as tassels or braiding. The unpadded pelmet can be covered using any fabric that you desire. Another option is to paint your pelmets in the same colour as your walls or to be a contrast. It is important to make sure that the pelmet matches with the theme and colour of your room.

How to use pelmets

The pelmet is fitted above the window treatment and hang down to cover the top of it so you get a smooth look without seeing any fixtures. Pelmets are great for preventing drafts and can keep your warm air from escaping through the top of your window in winter.

Pelmets are a great way to finish off your windows and doors, if you are considering using pelmets in your home call Rian’s Window Treatments. We can come to your home to take the measurements and give you a free quote. Our installers are experts in this field and we service Mandurah, through to Perth including Rockingham, Baldivis, Safety Beach and surround and remember we will come to you.

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