What Are Lace Curtains?

Curtain CombinationLace curtains are curtains that are sheer and beautiful. Lace is a fabric that has been made by knotting, twisting or looping threads together to form a pattern. The patterns can be complex or simple but they do have one thing in common, open and closed areas to make patterns in the fabric. The end result is a sheer and light decorative curtain. Manufacturers can use different fibres such as linen, rayon, silk, polyester or cotton to make the lace curtains.

Uses of lace curtains

Lace curtains can be used in different areas of the home. They can be used on their own to create a decorative cover for windows that will still let in the natural light, making them a very popular choice. Alternatively, they can be used under heavier curtains or in combination with blinds. In this way the heavier curtains can be pulled back in the day and still let in most of the light, while creating a decorative covering the windows and some privacy. Or as an extra effect with the blinds.

The beauty of lace curtains is its main feature and you will find a huge pattern range to choose from, from the simple to the intricate and very ornate patterns. This makes these curtains suitable for any home décor or type of home. They also come in different shades of colours but the most common is cream and white.

Care of lace

Lace curtains look so delicate that it may seem they would be hard to care for.  However, the care for lace curtains is usually quite simple.  Remove them from the rod and wash with a mild detergent in the laundry sink. They should not be agitated but instead they should be pulled down and up in the water to remove dirt. Once they are clean, wring them by hand and re-hang when still damp. This helps them dry quickly.

For tougher lace or polyester lace curtains, they can be washed using the washing machine on a gentle wash cycle using a mild detergent (wool wash is great for lace curtains).

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