Is Wallpaper Outdated?

Sanderson wallpaper bold statements, perfect for a feauture wall or to stamp your claim on your roomWallpaper offers versatility you need as a homeowner by providing solutions to help them achieve the kind of style they are looking for. You can have everything from classic to retro to a more modern and polished feel to your feature wall, room or whole house.

In the early 1980’s wallpaper was going out of style and many homeowners opted for paint instead. In the last few years, however, wallpaper has made a definite comeback and the different designs available now can offer a customized look and feel that just can’t be achieved with paint alone.

Why use wallpaper today?

Wallpaper is the perfect feature for your home. Here are a couple of reasons to consider wallpaper for your home.

  • Versatility
  • Positioning


The numerous colours and textures are available today, wallpaper choices have never been better, they are outstanding! Whether you’re looking for bold and brilliant, sophisticated, romantic or fun and whimsical, wallpaper offers a solution thatcan be quick to create and easy to clean.  Wallpaper is perfect for the playroom or your children’s bed rooms.


Small rooms can be an ideal background for the right wallpaper.  The bathroom or even a study will take on an entirely new appearance once the right wallpaper is in place.  You can make a small room look light and airy with light coloured wallpaper but not have to comprise on style.

Larger rooms can also benefit from a feature wall with the right accent of wallpaper.  A feature wall can be achieved by gluing the wallpaper to one wall only and then painting the remaining walls.  Regardless of the effect you are trying to create, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking in the wallpaper range.

Is Wallpaper Outdated?

No definitely not, wallpaper is a valuable resource to aid in achieving the home décor you are looking for. Classic to modern and everything in between, wall paper has it all.

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