What type of accessories can you use on your roller blinds?

blindsIf your roller blinds are starting to look a tad plain, considered jazzing them up? If you want your blinds to look modern but unique, why not consider using blind accessories? Remember, roller blinds are not just a functional part of your home; they can also be used as décor. Bring the best out of your roller blinds by using the right accessories.

Roller blind accessories

A home with a good design looks nice but if you use the right accessories, your home can turn from nice into awesome! The same goes with your roller blinds. Roller blinds in themselves are pretty to look at but with the right accessories, you can make your blinds even more gorgeous! Here are a few blind accessories that you can use:


This type of accessory can create a unique cutaway into your blinds. Eyelets are usually made from metals and could look fabulous on your blinds.

blinds-mandurahBottom pockets

Bottom pockets can allow you to create a tailor-made product and would make a great accessory to your blinds. You can even use the pockets to hide small and lightweight objects – serves a dual purpose. How quirky is that!? Imagine the grandies searching for those precious items…

Decorative pulls

They can add a finishing touch to your blinds. You can choose from different styles as pulls come in an assortment of designs – made to suit your unique taste.


Making your blinds look unique is effortless with braids. They make a great accessory and will make your blinds a one of a kind.

What type of accessories can you use on your blinds?

The options are endless when it comes to creating custom designed blinds. You can make it as exclusive as you like and you’ll be pleasantly surprised how cost effective it is. Jazz up your home today!

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