Top 5 mistakes to avoid when using wallpaper

WallpaperDo you need to redo your wall at home?Wallpaper is the perfect solution; it is trendy and is a classy way to create the look you desire for your home. It is easier and quicker to set up compared to painting the walls,with a wide array of patterns and pictures to choose from. However, there are some common mistakes that people make when putting up wallpaper. Once you know what to look out for you can easily avoid these mistakes.

Using wallpaper on a dirty wall

Sanderson WallpaperBefore you use the wallpaper, it is essential that you clean the wall first. Remove any dirt with a damp cloth and wait for it to dry completely. This will give you a better end result.

Not taking wall measurements

Make sure to measure your wall first before purchasing the wallpaper, because you might end up buying extra rolls or fall short.With the exact wall measurement, you can purchase enough wallpaper to cover your entire wall without going overboard.

Not keeping wallpaper leftovers

Do not throw away any leftovers. In fact, it is strongly advisable to purchase extra wallpaper of the same colour and pattern. It will be a blessing should there be any problems with the wallpaper in the future. Besides, matching wallpaper in drawers always works a treat!

Harlequin wallpaper lovely for every roomPasting upward

Wallpaper should be applied from the ceiling downwards, not from the floor upwards. It’s easier to paste wallpaper in that direction as gravity gives you a lending hand.

Installing right away

In the enthusiasm to hang the wallpaper, people often make the mistake of putting it on the walls without first reading the instructions. Please always read and follow the Manufacturer instructions before proceeding with the installation.

Top 5 mistakes to avoid when using wallpaper

Wallpaper can make your home look modern and stylish but it becomes a messy task if you don’t know what you are doing. For your wallpaper needs, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We have a whole range of wallpapers in different patterns and colours to suit your individual needs, ring us today on 9581 5005.