Tips to brighten your room with curtains

Bedroom CurtainsDoes your room look a bit dark? If you are looking for ways on how you can possibly brighten up your room, why not play with your curtains? The use of curtains with the right colour and design can instantly make your room appear brighter. Curtains can make your room seem complete and allows you to create just the right feeling and ambiance inside.

Use the right curtains

You don’t need to toss out all the decorations or do a complete overhaul. You can brighten your room by adding new curtains. However, curtains come in a variety of styles and colours, not to mention, made from different kinds of fabrics. Which one should you use to achieve a cheery, sunny look? Here are some tips that you can use:

  • Think sheer
  • Choose bright, spring inspired colours
  • Get an embroidered look

Think sheer

Sheer curtains are made from light and soft materials. They are great for allowing sunlight towards your room, making your space appear brighter. However, if you value your privacy, consider adding an extra layer of curtains or blinds – sheer curtains do not offer privacy.

CurtainsChoose bright, spring inspired colours

What better way to cheer up and brighten up your room but to use bright colours? Yellow is a great choice. Can you imagine how a yellow colour brings life to a dull, boring day? Yellow curtains allow a room to be bright and fresh even when the light is blocked. Or you can go with white too – it creates a relaxing ambience.

Get an embroidered look

If colours alone are not enough to make your curtains look beautiful and stylish. Yes, you have brightened up your room but shouldn’t you make the best out of it?  Make a masterpiece out of your curtain colour and style – get embroidery around the edges of your curtains. It is a great way to add understated elegance to a room.

Tips to brighten your room with curtains

Brightening up a room is easy as a breeze – just use the right curtains and you can transform the look of your space into anything you want. Are you looking for curtains to decorate your home? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for all your needs – we have a wide range of lovely curtains to suit your needs. Ring us today and let’s discuss the best curtains for your home.