Stay warm this winter by installing blinds on your windows!

Vertical_BlindsHave you ever stood outside your window and felt the lovely warm air that is escaping through your window? That is money literally being wasted as you are paying to warm the outside of your house not just the inside where you want to be.

Install blinds now to prevent warm air leaving your home and keep warm this winter. Reasons to install blinds:

  1. Durable
  2. Affordable
  3. Heat and air resistant
  4. Easy to install


Keep your home warm this winter by covering your windows with blinds. You can enjoy a warmer home without running your heater flat out as the warm air is retained in your home.

Blinds are strong and durable, and when they are custom made you can decide what size, design, and fabrics you would like to use. Blinds will last many years and provide protection from all-weather conditions, great in summer too.


Blinds, though made from expensive materials, are very affordable. Blinds provide reliable protection that you can afford.

Heat and air resistant

Bedroom_BlindsCatch all that warm air escaping through your windows by using blinds. Never leave your windows naked as there is a massive amount of warm air fleeing your home while allowing cold air to seep in.

Blinds are your best option for lasting protection against frosty air in winter and heat in summer.  Our blinds are made from a vast choice of fabrics and we guarantee quality products.  Our locally made blinds are perfect to block the Australian weather conditions.

Easy to install

Want to install your blinds hassle free? Rian’s Window Treatments will offer you professional service and qualityinstallation. All you have to do is place your order and your blinds will be hanging in your favourite area in no time.

Stay warm this winter by installing blinds on your windows!

Need help with the installation of your blinds or need assistance in deciding on the perfect blinds for your home?

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