How to prevent curtains from fading?

bright-coloured-curtainsBright coloured curtains sure look lovely. Choosing the right colour for your curtains can help you create the look you want for your home. This is the main reason why many homeowners are keen on choosing the right curtain colour. Curtains, whatever their colours are, add style and depth to your home décor. Curtains are perfect – so long as the colour doesn’t fade with time!

Why curtain colour fades?

Did you notice how your hair colour gets lighter during the summer? That’s all because of the sun’s heat – it has a natural bleaching property that can lighten up any colour, such as your hair and it also includes your curtain! Your curtain is bound to get exposed to the sun’s heat thus you should not be surprised to see its colour start to fade.

Is there a way to prevent curtains from fading?

All fabrics will eventually fade but there are steps in order to slow down the fading process and you get to enjoy your bright and deep coloured curtains for many years! Here’s how:

  • Install tinted windows. Tinted windows can block 90 percent of the sun’s heat. Less exposure to sun’s heat means slower fabric fading on your curtain.
  • Use a wide curtain track. During the day, when you want to let some sunshine in, a wide curtain track can let you pull back your curtains away from direct sunlight.
  • Use curtains with a good quality lining. They provide better insulation and are more resistant to sun damage.
  • Use sheer curtains during the day. It can provide you with some privacy at day time and only bring down your main curtain at night time.

How to prevent curtains from fading?

Knowing how to care for your curtains can go a long way – you can continue to enjoy your curtains for many years without replacement.

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