How often should you clean your curtains?

curtains by RiansLet’s be honest – laundry is not on the top of our“to do” list. However, we know when it’s time to wash our clothes when they get stained, smell or when we feel like we’ve worn it several times already.

How about the other things inside your home that need cleaning such as your curtains? Do you know the last time you cleaned your curtains? The problem with curtains is that once they fitted, we tend to forget about them. It is amazing how much more life you can get from your curtains by washing them every now and again.

Curtains that changed colour – We had 1 customer who was amazed that the curtains in their rental were not a murky brown but a crisp butter cream and all it took was one wash.

When was the last time your curtains were washed?

Clean curtains

Curtains keep your home beautiful. They can also cover your home when you need it and filter light out. Every day, your curtains attract dust and absorb odours whether it comes from the outside or inside your home. To keep your home bright and smelling fresh, it’s important you keep your curtains clean.

When it is the right time to take down your curtains and wash them?

  • Should you do it once a month or yearly?
  • How often should you clean your curtains?

Your curtains aren’t like your clothes that need to be replaced daily or even weekly but don’t wait for them to become too grimy. Apart from the fact that it can trigger an allergy attack if you have one, it is also much harder to clean them!

Curtains to suit your roomWashing your curtains

Curtains should be washed when they are not looking their best or on average once a year. A good old fashion spring clean was done for a reason.This will keep them in good condition and extend its life while ensuring that they are clean and smell fresh. For curtains made of cotton, running them separately on a washing machine will do. However, if they are made of silk, linen or synthetic, it’s best that they should go to the dry cleaners. Remember to always read the washing tags on your curtains.

Badly Stained Curtains

We recommend that for curtains (even to those that are machine washable) with a bad stain, may need to be dry cleaned to have the stains removed properly.

How often should you clean your curtain?

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