How to use wallpaper as a feature wall in your home

Harlequin poetica wallpaper perfect for your bedroomWant to cover up rugged walls in your home? Use wallpaper as feature wall in your home and create a lovely feel at your place.

Read through how wallpapers create beautiful feel in any parts of your home:

  1. Babies’ room
  2. Living room design
  3. Entry halls
  4. Playroom
  5. Bathroom

Babies’ room

Want to give your baby a sound sleep? Install wallpaper in your room to have cosy place to rest. You can have whimsical, romantic, lovely fine patterns and many more designs to create lovely feel around your room.

Wallpaper is perfect to bring a comfy feel to your room and create the perfect.

Living room design

Entertain guests in your living room with classic, bold, or retro wallpaper theme on the walls. Make the mood comfy and welcoming to any visitors you will entertain.

Walls can give your guests a certain feeling in your home; so create the perfect atmosphere to give your home that perfect look and feel. Want to have a feature wall that really makes a statement? Choose a lively colour as theme for your wallpaper and apply to the main wall in your living room then paint the rest of the walls in a coordinating neutral colour. Guess what you will easily produce that WOW effect when you walk into your room.

Entry halls

Sanderson wallpaper makes every room look wonderfulEntry halls are generally the first thing that your guests will see. Welcome everyone into your home with a grand wallpaper designs that is a bright or bold design. Feature walls are one of the things your visitors will look first and it is so easy to do it right with wall paper.

You can make your simple home majestic by using wallpaper as a feature wall.


Let the fun burst with warm colours of wallpapers to keep the kids’ energy up. Colours like yellow, orange, pink are perfect to give fun and amazing ambiance in your children’s playroom. Whimsical, comic, bright and bold choose your theme and have fun with wall paper; where it’s one wall as a feature or all the walls in your room.


Keep a refreshing bathroom with cool wallpaper colours. Use floral, elegant, etc. themes to display on one of your bathroom walls. Paint the rest of the surfaces with white, blue or any cool colours that can match your new feature wall’s design. A good rule of thumb is to choose one for the colours in your wall paper pattern to paint your walls with.

How to use wallpaper as a feature wall in your home?

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