How to make your windows look taller?

windows by RiansYour windows are the eyes of your home; small windows can make even a spacious room seem cramped and uninviting, while larger windows can make a stuffy room feel open and welcoming.

Do you have small windows at home?

How to make your windows look taller? You can easily create a taller looking window and it won’t take much time or money. No expensive renovations needed, just apply a few simple decorating tricks; with the use of the right window accessories any window can seem taller and brighter.

Here are some tips you can follow:

Fabric types and patterns

When choosing curtain fabric, keep in mind that fabric with a vertical pattern will create the illusion of being longer or taller. Since the curtains frames your windows, it can create an illusion of taller windows. When choosing fabric colours stick with solid colour fabrics. Soft, pastel shades are particularly good at promoting the feeling of openness.

Curtain rod height

The location where you hang your curtain rod can determine how tall your window will look. Install the rod as high as possible, for example, 2 inches below the ceiling moulding. If the gap between the rod and the top window is great enough to be noticed instantly, fill the space with a valance or a cornice board.

Balance window treatments

Other practical and decorative window accessories such as roman blinds, textured blinds, and horizontal blinds can be effective in adding height to your windows. For an impressive and professional look, make sure you consult with an expert, especially when you are not so sure about combining window treatments.

Need help?

Creating an illusion can be a simple solution to making small windows appear larger. With careful design you can easily make your windows look taller with just a small amount of money!

For all your window treatment needs, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We have many options for you to make your windows look taller and bigger. Ring us today for a free quote and in-home consultant to discuss what will work for your home.