How to know if your blinds need replacing?

blindsBlinds let you create the perfect indoor environment; they allow you to control the amount of sunlight coming into the room. Letting you sleep in on a Saturday morning in summer.

Blind replacement?

Over the course of daily use, your blinds may have become tattered and old. Should you have your blinds replaced? How do you know if you should replace them, or make do for a little longer? If they look outdated, look boring and old, should you have them replaced?

When you are uncertain about the right time to replace your blinds, here is a list of things you should consider.

  • Cleaning is difficult
  • Irreparable
  • They look old
  • You need a different type of blind

Cleaning is difficult

Does it take you a lot of time to clean your blinds? Do they accumulate colossal amounts of dust? When cleaning becomes a tough job, it’s time to replace your blinds with something much easier to clean.


When your blinds don’t function properly, save yourself from a headache and replace them. When your blinds are creating more problems than they are worth, it’s time to let go of them.

They look old

When your blinds look really old and don’t match anything else inside your home, it’s time to replace them. Refresh your home and replace your blinds with a more stylish and classier version.

You need a different type of blind

Need a blind that blocks out sunlight completely or one that only filters the light? No problem – there are so many types of blinds, just find a design that fulfils your needs and creates the feel you want for your space.

How to know if your blinds need replacing?

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