How to install wallpaper in your home?

Harlequin wallpaperNo budget for installation? You can install wallpaper yourself by following these handy steps:

  1. Prepare the wall surface
  2. Measure the space where the wallpaper will be installed
  3. Arrange wallpaper strips
  4. Apply wallpaper glue
  5. Set up the seams correctly
  6. Clean your work

Prepare the wall surface

Use paint fillers to fill any cracks or depressions in the wall and then sandpaper all surfaces to remove any blemishes. Apply an acrylic primer or prep coat on the surface and let it dry completely. While it dries, cover a long worktable with a clean plastic painter’s tarp or use the floor. Make sure your hands are clean too.

Measure the space where the wallpaper will be installed

Carefully measure the wall and mark the starting point, both the length and width, for hanging the first strip of wallpaper.

Arrange wallpaper strips

Cut vertical strips of wallpaper 10 centimetres longer than the wall height and also allow extra for matching the pattern, the excess can be trimmed at a later time. Place the wallpaper strips on the floor side by side to match the pattern lines correctly. Tape them together to secure the pattern.

Use a cutting mat, under the wallpaper when marking or cutting wallpaper to avoid scratches and cut marks on the floor or table.

Apply wallpaper glue

Sanderson WallpaperFill the paint roller tray with premixed clear wallpaper glue.  Apply the glue evenly to the back of the wallpaper with small paint roller. If you got have purchased pre-glued wallpaper then it can simply be dampened as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Set up the seams correctly

Smooth each strip of wallpaper onto the wall from the center using a plastic smoother. Ensure the wallpaper is flush to the wall surface by pushing any bubbles out toward the borders.  For safety purposes use a stepladder and have someone hold the other end  so you can safely work from top to down. The seams should line against one another and lie flat and not overlap.

Clean your work

Wash the excess glue with a damp sponge while smoothing the wallpaper this will ensure an elegant look in your room.

How to install wallpaper in your home?

Simply follow the 6 easy steps for a perfect finish!  Still not ready to handle the wallpaper on your own?

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