How to find the right curtain for your windows?

Bedroom CurtainsWant to beautify your windows? Add curtains. Curtains are beautiful addition to your window and they can make your window look stunning. No expensive renos, tiring makeover – just lovely curtains.

Curtains for you

The best thing about curtains is they come in a variety of style, colour and designs. With the vast option for you, you can always find a curtain that will suit just your budget and taste. The right curtains can make a big difference to your home. You can make a room look bright and airy. You can add darker shade on your space to make a dramatic appearance to your home just by using curtains. You can do almost anything with curtains. Even create a theatre!

Curtain fabric and colours?

When you understand the importance of having the right curtain for the task you need done, then you will have to think about the correct type of fabric and colour.


  • What kind of look do you want?
  • Do you want your curtain to blend or pop?

You need to decide between the two. For blending, choose a colour that has the same tone as your wall or a few shades darker. For a stand out colour, choose a bold colour that compliments your theme. It will work like an exclamation point which can add that WOW factor.


Consider the mood of the room and pick the right curtain for the space. For a casual feel, you can choose linen or lace curtains and for formal space, go for a heavier silk or velvet curtains. When going with patterns or stripes remember to consider what other furnishings or features like bedding will be in the room. If you have patterned bedding or furnishings then choose a solid colour for your curtains. For solid colour bedding then go for patterned curtains.

Create a stunning look, use the right curtains. Play with colour if you like, be a bit daring and create a spectacular feel inside your home.

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