How to create mood with curtain fabrics?

curtainsHave you ever noticed that they type of curtain fabric influences the mood of a room?  Whether you want to convey a formal feel or a more relaxed setting, there is a perfect curtain fabric for that.

Making a statement with fabrics

There are many curtain fabrics and each can create a certain mood you want for your room.  For example, velvet or silk fabric reflects formality, enhancing the furniture and accessories in your room.  Lush textures such as velvets and suede’s doesn’t just evoke a feeling of grandeur but also provide protection from the outside temperature too.  Cotton, sheer or textured linens help give a sense of casualness and relaxation.

If you want your curtain drapery panels to be the main focus of your room, choose a splashy print or stripe.  Whatever mood you want, you can create it with the right curtain fabric. Therefore, you should carefully select your fabric to create the right mood.  Some of the things you should consider when choosing your fabric are:

  • Gather and scrunch the fabric together and then view from a distance. This is to check how it will look when hung in your room as prints may look like splashes of colour when the fabric is gathered together.
  • Bold stripes can be lost when a panel is pulled open across your window. Also try the scrunch test on the fabric to ensure it provides the look you wish to create.
  • Prints with dark backgrounds can become the room’s focal point so be careful when choosing one.
  • The larger the print, the more attention it will receive. If you don’t want your curtains to be the center of attention, choose smaller prints instead.
  • When choosing prints, also think about the size of the room as it will play an important role. For example, a small print may appear out of place in a large room.

How to create mood with curtain fabrics?

Easy, just remember to follow the things above tips and you will be good to go.

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