How long will my roller blinds last?

Roller blinds by RiansWant to create an inviting feel to your home? Consider dressing up your windows with roller blinds. Your windows can be the getaway to the great outdoors, make sure you accentuate it by using the right window treatments. When installed properly, roller blinds can transform the look of your house – from having the feel of the seventies throwback to a stylish, modern today look. What do you prefer?

Are roller blinds durable?

Yes – they are. They are created and designed to handle the daily wear and tear. Since they are made especially for windows, they look stylish and can deal with any harmful substances or dirt that comes from the external environment. However, you may start to wonder how long your roller blinds will last.

Well, the answer depends on several factors. Below are the key determinants of your roller blinds durability:Roller Blinds - Perfectly made to fit your windows from Rian's Window Treatments Mandurah

  • The type of fabric
  • Roller blind tubing materials
  • Roller blind operating system
  • UV resistant treatment

The type of fabric

Roller blinds can be made from different types of fabric. Each of these fabrics has its unique strength depending on the weave of structure and its quality. Some of the common fabric types include – translucent, sunscreen and block out fabrics.

Roller blind tubing materialsRoller Blinds - Perfectly made to fit your windows from Rian's Window Treatments Mandurah

There are various materials your tubing can be made of – aluminium and steel being the most common. Steel is perfect for wet areas and it is long lasting. On the other hand, aluminium is lightweight and when galvanised, can last for a long time.

Roller blind operating system

Roller blinds come with different operating systems. A durable operating system allows you to use your blinds for longer. When selecting, choose a roller blind operating system which requires less maintenance and is easy to operate. This will limit repairs, hence it can last longer.

UV resistant treatment

Roller blinds are exposed to direct sunlight. Over time, too much sunlight can weaken your fabric. Make sure to choose a fabric material with a close weave structure as they tend to withstand UV rays better than other materials.

How long will my roller blinds last?

Different materials and installation conditions will mean your roller blinds will last for different amount of years. Your roller blinds will last when the materials used are durable and of great quality. When choosing blinds, you need to examine the product carefully and the materials. Are you looking for quality roller blinds? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for all your blind, curtain and window treatment needs. Our products are very durable and of the highest quality and we can tell you the expected life of each type of product.

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