A guide to choosing curtains

curtains lovely patternsWhen shopping for curtains, there are several factors to thing about.

  • Which room will they hang in?
  • Who will use the room?
  • Do you need to block light or soften sounds?
  • What effect are you trying to achieve?

The process can be quite confusing unless you understand exactly what you need. Here are three thingsthat will help you to choose the right curtains for your needs.

  • Types of Curtains
  • Curtain Colours
  • Curtain Fabrics

Types of Curtains

Sheer Curtains – If you want to infuse a room with light or add a romantic touch while maintaining privacy, sheer curtains make a wonderful option.

Unlined Curtains – For a greater degree of privacy, you may choose an unlined curtain that will still allow a certain amount of light to shine through.

Lined Curtains– For privacy and warmth, lined curtains make an excellent choice.

Sun Blockout Curtains or Thermal Lined Curtains – For privacy and sun protection, these curtains are quite popular in bedrooms, children’s rooms and other rooms where a quiet, dark space is desired.

Curtain Colours

Then you need to choose the type of effect you would like, not only what colour but will it be a solid colour or a pattern. Think about the theme of the room and the existing furnishings and decor you already have.

Solid – Solid curtains offer many decorating options and leave plenty of space for future modifications and décor changes. Bright curtains that match other select elements in the room can help you make a statement about your particular style. If you’re looking for a more formal option, you may choose to blend curtain colors with the walls and other elements of the décor.

Patterns – If solid colors are dominant throughout a room, patterns may be exactly what you need in a curtain. Contemporary patterns such as stripes and geometric shapes bring a modern feel to any room. Vertical stripes make an excellent choice for smaller rooms as they make the ceiling appear taller.

Curtain Fabrics

Light fabrics such as silk, linen and other similar fabrics will filter light entering the room as well as hang beautifully and add a light, airy feel to the décor.

Heavier fabrics such as suede, velvet and tapestry, on the other hand, will block much of the light and ensure room temperature is consistent within the room. The heavier the fabric is the more difficult it will be for light to pass through.

A guide to choosing curtains, ask Rian’s Window Treatments for help!

As you can these there is more to picking your curtains than just choosing the colour. Needs some help?

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