Is it good for curtains to touch the floor?

curtains by RiansCurtains are an important part of a room’s décor. They provide that final ‘lived in’ touch and frame the windows. They also create privacy, provide an extra measure of security and play a major role in regulating the environment inside a room.

Are long curtains good?

Different people have different tastes and needs. Some may like shorter curtains while others love their curtains to be long and some prefer their curtains to kiss the ground. However, is it good for your curtains to touch the floor?

The answer depends on your current situation. A curtain touching your floor is workable when:

  • You have longer windows and ceilings. It would be odd to use shorter curtains, right? They wouldn’t cover your windows and would simply look out of place. A longer curtain can make your home appear classy and stylish at the same time.
  • You don’t have pets at home. Pets love hiding in and/or climbing curtains. It may be cute but it damages the curtains.
  • You don’t have any problems vacuuming your floor. Curtains that touch the ground tend to gather a lot of dust, so frequent cleaning for the curtains and floor is necessary.

Shrinking fabric

When buying your curtains be careful to take note of the fabric they are made out of. Some curtains will have a tendency to shrink when they are washed, so make an allowance for this when purchasing. Short curtains will become even shorter, while longer curtains may give you more of a leeway when it comes to shrinking.

Is it good for curtains to touch the floor?

Not sure about your curtain length? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for your needs and we can give you free advice. Our in house consultant can visit your home and check your space, so we can give more specialised advice and a free quote as well!