Getting the right size for your curtains?

Curtains to suit your home available at Rian’s Window TreatmentsWant to change the curtains in your home but not sure where to start? How do you get the right size for your curtains?


First, let’s talk about the curtains!

There are so many lovely solutions for your windows and curtains are great. Curtains are a fabulous way to make your windows look more attractive – like you’re dressing up your windows for that special occasion this time; you do it every day with curtains.

Curtains come in a variety of design, style, pattern and colours. You can set the mood of your room and create a specific purpose just by using the right curtains. Want a cheery ambiance inside? Go for curtains with light colour and made from lightweight materials. For a more subdued look, choose calming colours.

With curtains, you can:

  • Block light
  • Reduce noise
  • Create a lovely indoor atmosphere
  • Create a purpose eg heavy dark curtains for a theatre room

Get the right curtain size

Whether you’re shopping for ready to hang curtains or customised curtains, accurate measuring is a must. Curtain width measurements will depend on the length of your curtain track or pole. On the other hand, the curtain length will be determined by where you like your curtain to end. You can have it halfway just covering a small window, you can allow your curtain to touch your floor, or have them just about the skirting board, this depends on you and the purpose of you room. If you are going to choose customised curtains ask the company to do the measurements for you.

How to measure

Don’t trust your eyes. When it comes to your curtains, do it with precision. Measure everything. Use a metal tape measure for better accuracy and get those dimensions right! You can do it by yourself or you can ask a friend or a family member to do the measuring. Remember to measure the top and bottom of your window to make sure they are square; you will be surprised how many windows are not square.

Getting the right size for your curtains

Getting the right size for your curtains will depend of the purpose of your room and the style of curtains you choose. If you are not sure how to do it, you can call in some professionals. Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for your needs. We offer window treatments such as curtains, blinds and shutters. We make sure you get the right measurement and offer free measure and quotes.