Everything You Need to Know About Finding an Indoor Blind Installer

Rian’s Window Treatments showroomIndoor blinds are a stylish, functional and versatile treatment for your home. They give you, the homeowner privacy from outside, protection from the sun and come in a variety of styles.  Roller blinds, panel blinds, vertical blinds and venetian blinds are all options, depending on your needs.

When shopping for blinds, consider the following things:

  • Durability. As your new blinds will be constantly exposed to UV light and therefore they will need to be made of products that are resilient and sun tolerate
  • Ease of adjustment. Some blinds are adjusted by pulley systems that are mechanical while others are manual.
  • Maintenance. Remember maintenance when considering the type of blinds you will get, are they easy to care for and clean?
  • Light requirements. Are you trying to block out lightfrom the room or let light into the room which the blinds will be installed?
  • Style of blind. The style of blind needs to compliment the interior of your room

Finding an indoor blinds installers

Blind installers have different capabilities and levels of expertise.  Keep in mind that acceptable quality, skills and experience may vary considerably. For you to get the desired results, it is essential that you hire an indoor blind installer whose qualifications match the requirements for your indoor blind installation.

Before starting the search for installers, first have a clear understanding of the work that needs to be completed and the end results you expect. The following selection process outline will make things easier. Your new installer should:

  • The ability to customise the blinds for your needs
  • Offera wide variety of fabrics, styles and accessories for you to choose from
  • Should be locally to ensure the work can be completed quickly and efficiently

Once you find an installer that meets your needs, request a quote that specifies:

  • Detailed description of the blinds that are being installed and the work that needs to be done.
  • When the work will start
  • Completion of project and payment criteria
  • Summary of payment milestones, fees and costs

At Rian’s Window Treatments we can make your new blinds to suit your needs and dress them up or down depending on the style and look you are after. We service Mandurah, through to Perth including Rockingham, Baldivis, Safety Beach and surrounding areas and remember we will come to you.

Call today for a free measure and quote. Custom blinds that fit your home perfectly at an affordable price.