How to dress up your window blinds – add bling

BlindsBlinds are great they great benefits to your home, making them a good addition, they:

  • Provides security
  • Make your home beautiful
  • Minimize the light that enters into your home
  • Prevent heat loss or gain through your window

These are just a few things that your window blinds can offer. They are also very good, especially during summer to stop the heat getting in or in winter when your home needs insulation the most.

But are your blinds boring?

Simple answer is dress up your window blinds, add some bling!

Add bling to your window blinds

Window blinds are a functional item inside your home, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t dress it up. After all, window blinds add character to your home. If you want your window blinds to make a statement, why not consider dressing them up? Use your blinds as part of your décor.

Decorating your window blinds to make them more classy, beautiful and stylish. Here’s what you need to know about dressing up your window blinds.

How to dress up your window blinds properly

Bored with your simple window blinds hanging up there? You can do something about it by adding some bling to your current blinds! A great way to add bling to your blinds is by adding embellishments like a scalloped hem and beaded trim. Embellishments come in many styles, sizes and designs perfect for any situation.

If you have more than one blind in a row you could consider changing one to a contrasting fabric or colour.

Your window blinds will never look boring again when you touch them up a little (or a lot), you will have beautiful, stylish window blinds that you can be proud of.

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