Do’s and Don’ts of combining blinds and curtains together

Sheer Rail and Track with Ventian BlindsCombining curtains and blinds can change the mood of a room. However, there are some instances that they won’t fit together so you need to know the do’s and don’ts to get the look just right.

  1. Choose wisely
  2. Match plains with prints
  3. Use the right size
  4. Feel free to design
  5. Make the room feel cosy
  6. Install a variety of curtain styles
  7. Match curtain or blind with rod colour

Choose wisely

Blinds come in a range of styles, sizes and materials. Choose from roller blinds, venetian blinds, panel blinds and vertical blinds. When picking a blind of your choice, make sure to think about the size of your windows, use of your room and what your need your blinds to do. Take a look on the colour and fabric then know how they work together in your room.

How to match your colour combinations for your blinds, curtains and walls to make your room work really well? Why not try having a cool colour like blue on your walls then for your curtains use bright colour such as orange, yellow to add pop of colour in your room. Or you can use neutral curtain colours with colourful walls in uniquestyles. Blind can be a pattern in the same colour or tone to match with a plain curtain or vice versa.

Match plains and prints

Never pair patterned curtains and patterned blinds together as it will create a dull look especially if your room is small and crowded with prints already. Make sure to match plains and prints together to get that WOW factor you are looking for.

Use plain blinds and patterned curtains to feature the colour of the blind. Love the natural use a rustic coloured blind then team with add patterned curtains to contrast it.

Use the right size

For small rooms, install blinds and curtains a few inches below the ceiling to make your room look taller. To create an illusion of wider room, use shades that fit just exactly to the windows to maximise the space of your walls.

Vertical Blinds to suit your home and decorFeel free to design

Don’t be afraid to style your curtains and blinds as long as they complement the existing theme and décor in your room. Be careful to use any decorative pieces such as tassels, pelmet or tiebacks if you already have a lot of decorative touches to your room already.

You can use pelmets to accessorise your blinds and curtains to add stylish finish. Pelmets also provide great insulation in the room and elegant presentation.

Make the room feel cosy

Plan the ideal effect you want to convey with your curtains and blinds. Layer the blinds beneath the curtains to achieve fullness. Blinds can be sheer, textured or bonded with blockout fabric, all choices can make your room feel cosy as they have unique benefits.

Pair sheers with timber blinds for a more relaxed and rustic effect or roman blinds and linen for a framed view.

Install a variety of curtain styles

Using the same curtains and blind styles in all rooms can tie the whole space together, making the same ambience in the entire home. As homeowners, you may like to convey a different feel in every room to keep a lively feel. Play around with light in each room to help you experiment with different shade styles.

Match curtain or blind with rod colour

Complement both curtains and blinds with rod colour. Specify the tones you need to match with the curtain rod. If you are looking for some bling, you could use a high-shine rod such as silver or gold. For a complimentary effect choose a matte finished rod to keep the overall look of both shades.

Do’s and Don’ts of having a blind and curtains together

Blinds and curtains can make or break the artistic appeal of a room, even your whole home. Make sure to pair blinds and curtains to enhance your view and style.

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