DIY: How To Be Dazzle Your Blinds With A Bit Of Bling!

roller blindsIt’s no surprise how blinds can give your home an instant facelift. They give your room a dramatic view enhancing both your décor and your interior design. The right blinds or curtains can make your windows the focal point of your home.

Decorating your blinds

When decorating your home with blinds, your options can be wide. Blinds come in different colour, some are patterned, some are crisp and simple; they are also made from different materials. This gives you a chance to right the right blind that will suit your home perfectly. There are also blinds designed especially for:

  • Blocking lights
  • Reducing noise
  • Insulation purposes

Blinds offer different purposes but they all share the same thing – they are used to dress up your windows and enhance your interior.

Roller BlindsDid you know that you can decorate your blinds to add that extra special touch?

Add some bling and make a real statement!

You can do just that by using studs. How to be dazzle your blinds with studs?

  1. Take your blinds down.
  2. You can purchase studs of your choice. Studs can be found in different colours – choose a colour that will complement your blind really well.
  3. Measure and mark the edges of your blinds. After measuring, you can attach the studs on the edges. You can glue them on, sew them or use decorative nailheads for easy attachment. Decorative nailheads look like studs but much easier to use and they stay permanently.
  4. When done, your blinds are now ready for hanging!

Stand back and admire your work. Now you have blinds that dazzle!

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