What is the difference between drapes and curtains?

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Windows in every room in your home is usually covered with window treatments of some kind. Two of the most popular are curtains and drapes. Both of these functions the same way – to allow you to control over how much sunlight and heat that enters your room, create a feature, dress up your room, or prevent heat from getting out. These curtains and drapes are also beautiful to look at, both add to the décor of the house.

Although most people think drapes and curtains are the same thing, actually they are not, there is a difference. Generally when people talk about curtains they really mean drapes and in today’s language curtains and drapes have really become interchangeable.

Did you ever wonder what’s the difference between drapes and curtains really are? Surprisingly, these two kinds of window treatments are different. Let’s take a closer look.


They are fabric that are ornate and use for decoration purposes. Drapes shut out light completely and they are also use to enhance the beauty or the décor of the area. They are called drapes because they can drape the windows completely. Drapes are made from heavy, ornate fabrics that create lines. They don’t sway over a windy condition. For a formal look of a room, there is nothing better than using drapes.


Curtains for the Baby roomCurtains are a loose fabric hung from rods over windows. Unlike drapes, curtains are light in fabric and therefore, does not block out light completely. They don’t cover the entire window; they are mostly use in casual and semi casual situations. Curtains are also perfect if you want to create different ambiance inside your room –from cheery and bright atmosphere to that comfortable feeling.

What is the difference between drapes and curtains?

Both drapes and curtains are amazingly beautiful and can serve their purpose perfectly.

What’s in a name, no matter what you your window treatment, you may even want to do a combination of curtains and blinds, the choice is yours.

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