Decorating Your Home With Curtains

For lovely flooring call Rian’s Window TreatmentsIt’s easy to get confused when it comes to choosing curtains for your windows.  There are so many different styles available!  Remember that the first consideration should be functionality and then think aboutyour style preference and use of the room the curtains are intended for.The choice of curtains will also come down to your personal taste and budget.

Here are some of the common curtain styles:

  • Pinch pleats
  • Eyelet curtains
  • Ripple fold
  • Swags and tails

When decorating your home with curtains, consider the following:


Texture of the curtains is an important consideration when selecting curtains. The texture can determine the mood of the room. Velvet and heavy silk are a great for formal rooms. For more casual rooms, consider softer fabrics, cottons and billowy linen. The cotton blends and cotton will work well with any décor giving a neat feeling to the room.

Prints and patterns

If the furniture in the room is patterned, stick with curtains that are solid in colour. On the other hand if the furniture is of solid colours, you may want to consider patterned curtains. For energy and style choose neutral prints and small sized patterns work well.


You will need to decide whether you want the colour of your curtains to pop out or blend with the décor. If are trying to blend in with your curtains then choose colours that have the same tone range as the walls but slightly darker. If you want your curtains to make a statement then choose a bold bright colours or the opposite side of the colour wheel eg yellow against blue, purple against green.

Length of curtains

Floor length curtains will often be the best choice. This helps give your home a more updated look and can help the ceiling appear higher and the room appear a bit larger.  Two approaches that can be used are:

Hitting the floor – This is a tailored and classic look and will be sensible if they are closed and opened often. The fabric of the curtain should just touch the floor.

Breaking at the floor – The curtains extend above the floor by 6 cm (line it with the top of your skirting boards if you have them) and are more stylish than those that graze the floor. Also by not having your curtains touching the floor it is easier to vacuum under them and keep your skirting boards and room clean.

In your children’s bedroom you may choose to have curtains that only cover the windows. Length will be governed by the use of your room.

At Rian’s Window Treatments we are your curtain specialists and can help you through the maze of curtains to get the best curtains and styles for your windows, doors and needs. We would love to help you find your dream curtains at a price that fits your budget.

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