Cleaning Your Curtains For Christmas

Curtains to suit your roomWow what great weather we are having, lovely sun shining days. Have you noticed that your curtains are in need of some TLC, the sun is showing up the remains of winter? No matter what material they are made from, the location they hang in or the style they are, curtains are much like any other feature in your home that can gather dust, hair and other debris. Over time, this can make your curtains look worn and even start to stain or accumulate pests or mould. Excess dust can aggravate allergies and asthma and effect the indoor air quality in your home.

Whilst there are many options to clean your curtains, different fabrics require different cleaning methods. You need to identify the material your curtains are made of to ensure you’re using the correct cleaning products and procedure.

  • Drapes and Heavy Curtains
  • Sheer and Lace
  • Cotton

Drapes and Heavy Curtains

Save this one for the dry cleaner. The bigger industrial machines mean less chance of damage to the material and they have several options, such as steam cleaning and stain removal techniques, that are far more efficient. You’ve invested significantly in heavier, lined drapes so a professional clean will protect your investment the best way.

Sheer and Lace

The delicate material of these curtains means it can snag or rip easily when wet, so a sink filled with cold water and some dishwashing detergent is best. Wash one curtain at a time by soaking ten minutes and swirling gently to remove any debris or heavy dirt. Rinse again in cold water to remove the soap. To make your sheer or lace curtains feel extra crisp, you can pop 1cup of Epsom salts to the cold water sink but do not return it to rinse the salts off.

Sheer Rail and Track with Ventian BlindsLet the curtains drip dry from your shower rod or laundry line and hang them once fully dry.

Cotton Curtains

For plain cotton curtains, your washing machine will be fine. Remove all the hooks and fittings and shake outdoors if possible. Wash two panels at a time on the delicate cycle in your washing machine using the cold setting. If you can, hang outside in the sunshine or dry on a low-heat setting. If you are using the dryer, immediately remove from the dryer to prevent wrinkles and rehang, or if you have dried them on the line, press with a warm iron to remove wrinkles and rehang.

Cleaning Your Curtains, Are They Past it?

If after a closer inspection you realise that your curtains are beyond cleaning and you need some new ones, then Rian’s Window Treatments is the place for you.

Rian’s Window Treatments are the experts in window treatments and can assist you with selecting and manufacturing curtains for your home. Plus we do alterations to existing curtains as well. Call the team at Rian’s Window Treatments on 9581 5005 today for a free measure and onsite quote.

Curtains For Christmas

ChristmasAre you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your home? An investment that lasts longer than any fancy trinket and something you can admire every day? Then window treatments from Rian’s Window Treatments should be at the top of your Christmas wishlist.

Located in Mandurah, Rians Window Treatments can assist you with every aspect of window treatment purchase, from design and supply to install and maintain. They carry a range of stylish and functional window treatments including:

  • Curtains
  • Blinds
  • Shutters


For a look that always exudes sophistication, curtains never go out style. From heavy drapes to sheer or lace, curtains are the ultimate in window dressing and boast significant other benefits including keeping out heat, damaging sun rays and prying eyes. To dress up a room or just add to the ambience, curtains are a cost effective way to decorate that can be custom designed and made just for your home.


RiansCustom made to fit your window opening, Rian’s stock roller blinds, panel blinds, vertical and venetian blinds for all styles of window. Blinds look great from both the inside and the outside and work mainly to eliminate light and heat from permeating the room. Whilst ‘near enough’ measurements may be available, custom sized and made blinds are more affordable than you may think and come with a range of accessories to match.


Are you looking for internal shutters for your windows? Then Rian’s Colonial Timber Internal are your perfect choice. Strong, modern and extremely sturdy, these shutters carry a 10 year warranty and provide great insulation for your windows against the thermal transfer of heat loss through your windows in the winter or heat gain in the summer.

For external shutters, our range of roller shutters are the ultimate in security, noise reduction, light elimination and modern style.

Where Can I Find Curtains For Christmas?

The team at Rian’s Window Treatments are only too happy to assist you in designing your dream window treatments and supplying and installing them in your home, call 9581 5005 today.

How do I prepare my walls for applying wallpaper?

Harlequin wallpaperLooking for an alternative way to paint your walls? Installing wallpaper is your best choice. Wallpaper comes in numerous colours and designs – we even have unique patterns! It helps you create the design and feel you are looking for inside your home. Take advantage of your walls and use it to transform your home!

DIY wallpaper installation

Do you have lots of free time? Maybe you have considered doing the wallpaper installation yourself. It could be very satisfying, and you’ll feel like your space has your very own personal touch. Before you start installing the wallpaper, you must ensure that you prepare your walls.

Preparing your walls

Sanderson wallpaperTo have a good foundation for your new wall covering, remove all wall fixtures such as nails, screws and electrical sockets. Remove any old wall coverings and make sure your wall surface is free from any grease, mildew and stains. If there is any loose paint, scrape it. Keep your walls clear and clean to make sure you get the best result.

For new walls

Apply a high quality primer/sealer. You can choose any colour, but white is the best as it can give your wall covering an even and clear surface for better adhesion. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to hang your new wallpaper. Give it plenty of time to dry.

For previously papered walls

Remove all the old wall coverings and clean the wall surface using a detergent or with an adhesive remover. Rinse with clean water and let it dry. Apply sizing to the walls and hang your new wallpaper!

Scandi-inspired wallpaperHow to remove old wallpaper

Finding it impossible to remove old wallpaper? Make sure it is secure and stable and sand the seams. To completely seal the surface, use an oil based primer. Apply the sizing to your walls before applying your new wallpaper.

How do I prepare my walls for applying wallpaper?

For lovely patterns and beautiful wallpaper, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We offer a broad range of wallpapers to suit your every need. Ring us today for all your wallpaper needs.

Tips to brighten your room with curtains

Bedroom CurtainsDoes your room look a bit dark? If you are looking for ways on how you can possibly brighten up your room, why not play with your curtains? The use of curtains with the right colour and design can instantly make your room appear brighter. Curtains can make your room seem complete and allows you to create just the right feeling and ambiance inside.

Use the right curtains

You don’t need to toss out all the decorations or do a complete overhaul. You can brighten your room by adding new curtains. However, curtains come in a variety of styles and colours, not to mention, made from different kinds of fabrics. Which one should you use to achieve a cheery, sunny look? Here are some tips that you can use:

  • Think sheer
  • Choose bright, spring inspired colours
  • Get an embroidered look

Think sheer

Sheer curtains are made from light and soft materials. They are great for allowing sunlight towards your room, making your space appear brighter. However, if you value your privacy, consider adding an extra layer of curtains or blinds – sheer curtains do not offer privacy.

CurtainsChoose bright, spring inspired colours

What better way to cheer up and brighten up your room but to use bright colours? Yellow is a great choice. Can you imagine how a yellow colour brings life to a dull, boring day? Yellow curtains allow a room to be bright and fresh even when the light is blocked. Or you can go with white too – it creates a relaxing ambience.

Get an embroidered look

If colours alone are not enough to make your curtains look beautiful and stylish. Yes, you have brightened up your room but shouldn’t you make the best out of it?  Make a masterpiece out of your curtain colour and style – get embroidery around the edges of your curtains. It is a great way to add understated elegance to a room.

Tips to brighten your room with curtains

Brightening up a room is easy as a breeze – just use the right curtains and you can transform the look of your space into anything you want. Are you looking for curtains to decorate your home? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for all your needs – we have a wide range of lovely curtains to suit your needs. Ring us today and let’s discuss the best curtains for your home.

Why Should I Consider Sheer Curtains?

curtains by RiansWhen it comes to choosing curtains for your home, there are many factors to consider. The use of the room, the amount of light you want to let in, who will be using the room and how they will match your existing décor all factor into the design equation. Rian’s Window Treatments have a variety of curtain designs in high quality fabrics for all your window and requirements, with none quite as diverse as the sheer curtain.

Sheers curtains or sheers for short; are a light weight, translucent fabric that can be hung directly over the window or underneath a heavier curtain or drape. Some of the benefits of sheer curtains include:

  • Privacy
  • UV Protection
  • Elegant Décor
  • Economical Choice


Sheers let the light in but keep prying eyes out. The biggest benefit of sheer curtains is the privacy they offer whilst letting natural light into your home, making them excellent for darker rooms. They allow you to see what’s going on outside of your window but prohibit anyone from seeing inside.

UV Protection

The weaving of the sheer fabric allows the sun’s rays to enter the room but filters it to protect your carpet and furniture. When placed beneath a drape or heavier curtain, it acts as a protective layer, keeping damaging sunlight from fading your curtain or drape material. It also acts to protect house plants from harsh heat but allowing them enough sunlight to grow.

Elegant Décor

Sheers are simple and sophisticated and give a delicate look to any room. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms, the sheer curtain is the epitome of soft and breezy whilst being functional and practical.

Economical Choice

When it comes to cost, sheers are by far the most economical choice. The lightweight fabric made from polyester or poly/cotton blends is inexpensive and versatile, which translates to a more cost effective option for any window treatment buyer.

Why Should I Consider Sheer Curtains?

Sheer curtains are the perfect addition to any room, whether they be on their own or as an accompaniment to a larger, heavier drape. Rian’s Window Treatments can assist you with all your window treatment needs to suit any style or budget with boutique styles at affordable prices.

Why Dress Your Windows Locally?

curtainsQuality curtains are essential to dress even the smallest of windows, adding to the ambience and comfort of a room and serving a more practical purpose of keeping light, heat and cold, out.

How do you know you are getting a quality product? Choosing a local supplier and manufacturer to create your perfect window dressing is recommended for several reasons.

5 Reasons Why You Should Dress your Windows Locally

  1. Supporting Local Small Business
  2. A More Personal Experience
  3. Opportunity to View
  4. Supply and Manufacture
  5. Reputation

Supporting Local Small Business

Most specialist stores, such as those that supply curtains, are small, family run businesses. Even large franchises usually have a small business owner invested in (and running) the business. Supporting local business creates jobs and income for families and promotes community development.

Sanderson fabricA More Personal Experience

Small, local businesses often go that extra mile to obtain and keep their customers. You will usually find the staff are more personable, remember crucial and personal details and have more of a rapport with their clientele than those of larger companies.

Opportunity to View

Buying local means there is a chance your product, or something very similar, is displayed somewhere local; giving you the opportunity to view a finished product.

Supply and Manufacture

Local suppliers are likely to manufacture their product on site, giving the sales team and the customer more flexibility in design and ability to make changes not usually accepted by international mass-production workshops.

curtains by RiansReputation

Word of mouth and firsthand recommendation are the best marketing tool for a business and provide a great opportunity for the customer to ‘suss out’ the company before committing to work with them. Discovering a company’s reputation for the aspects that matter to you (price, customer service, product quality, eco-awareness etc) is made easier when the business runs in the community around you.

Why Dress Your Windows Locally?

Curtains and window treatments are an investment and a decision you will have to live with for quite some time. Working with a local company representative will ensure you can contact and even visit your supplier in your area to ensure you get the highest quality product at a competitive price.

To experience local service with a personal edge, contact Rian’s Window Treatments to discuss your window treatment vision and take advantage of our extensive product knowledge and free quote service.

5 mistakes that you could make when hanging curtains

Pleat CurtainsGreat, curtains can enhance your interior design plus they are also functional. Curtains can block out light, noise and gives you instant privacy! When installing curtains, there are several things you need to be aware of.

The proper way to hang curtains

Choosing the right curtain is fun but it doesn’t stop there – it continues when you hang your curtains. Hanging curtains can give you the chance to create the perfect look for your room. However, there are some common mistakes you should be aware of before you hang your curtains.

5 mistakes for hanging curtains

  1. Measuring incorrectly
  2. Hanging curtains too low
  3. Buying short curtains
  4. Not thinking about the width and fullness of your curtains
  5. Avoiding ironing

Lounge Room Curtains and great floors call For lovely flooring call Rian’s Window TreatmentsIn order to get the most from your curtains, some common mistakes you should avoid are:

1. Measuring incorrectly

Make sure you measure your windows and make necessary adjustments for how you want them to hang.  It will save time and money if you get it right the first time.

2. Hanging curtains too low

If you would like to make your room appear larger and taller, hang your curtains and rods closer to the ceiling to get that feeling of extra space. This is very important for small rooms.

3. Buying short curtains

Make sure your curtains touch the floor. Even if you have to buy the next size up, it is better to have longer curtains than short curtains. Besides, it is easy to have them hemmed.

4. Not thinking about the width and fullness of your curtains

Measure the width of your windows. Usually, you have at least 2 to 2 ½ times your window’s width. For a standard 1800mm window, your panels should cover at least 3.6 metres or more.

Bedroom Curtains5. Avoiding ironing

Wrinkled curtains are not nice to look at and wrinkles do not always fall out. Before hanging your curtains, iron or steam them so they look fabulous.

5 mistakes that you could make when hanging curtains

Are you making any of these mistakes?  Perhaps it’s time for a change to avoid them and achieve the look you want for your home.

Don’t know what curtains will best fit your home?
Contact us, Rian’s Window Treatments, to discuss your ideas and requirements. We are curtain experts and can provide advice on styles, fabric and design so you find the perfect window treatments for your home. Ring us now for a free quote.


3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing blinds

blindsAre you excited about acquiring some new blinds? You should be, blinds can make your indoor life more enjoyable. With so many things your blinds can offer, your only wish is to choose a blind that you can stay with for a long time – a lifetime if possible.

Indoor blinds for your home

When you are about to purchase blinds for your home, you’ll realise it’s a tough task. With so many designs and styles of blinds, you’ll surely get lost with your options especially if it’s your first time buying. Due to this, it’s important that you know what you want and what you don’t like. Apart from determining your needs, it’s also important that you know the common mistakes when choosing blinds.

See? You can be too eager with securing your blinds that you forget to heed some common mistakes to avoid.

Here are the lists of general mistakes you should know:

  1. Choosing the same blind for every room
  2. Taking the wrong measurements
  3. Buying in hurry

Blinds by Rians Rian's Windpw TreatmentsChoosing the same blind for every room

This may sound like a good idea at the time or simply, an easier option – but don’t get caught. Why should all of your blinds be identical? Boring! Each room in your house has its own theme, character and unique style – so, why not spice it up a little? I promise you; you won’t be disappointed. Even if it is choosing a different colour or pattern, it will make the world of difference.

Taking the wrong measurements

Be sure to take the exact measurements and check them a couple of times at least. It often pays to have a second pair of eyes to go through the sizing with you. We never think this will happen to us – but you’d be surprised as to how often it does. Then you’re stuck with an unfitted blind – costing you time and money. Better still get a free in home measure and quote, then you can’t make a mistake – leave it to the professionals.

Venetian Blinds are perfect for bathroomsBuying in hurry

Okay, you want blinds for your home but slow down. Buying in a hurry will cause you to make mistakes and you will not be able to obtain the result you are wanting. Take your time in choosing blinds – there’s no rush as there’re lots of things to consider.

3 common mistakes to avoid when choosing blinds

Take note of these mistakes and avoid making them. If you need a reputable company for your outdoor blinds, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. Our products are made from high quality materials.
At Rian’s Window Treatments we offer the best blinds for your home and other window treatments including curtains, shutters, and wallpaper too. Ring us now for a free quote.

How to decide what size of blind I need?

blindsBlinds offer many benefits such as an aesthetic look as well as being practical. Having the right size of blind will make such a difference to your room and the overall feel of your room. New blinds are a great invested so make sure to measure them first before buying them.

Here are the how-to tips to ensure a proper fit blinds for your home.

  1. Determine your window type
  2. The use of your room
  3. Measure the exact size you need
  4. Choose inside or outside mount
  5. Measure casing depth

Determine your window type

Knowing the type of blind you need and want can help you decide what size you need. Blinds come in a wide range of sizes, colours and designs to fit any window types.

The use of your room

What is your room used for? Is it an airy sunroom or a theatre room where you are trying to restrict the light? Your child’s bedroom or a room where a shift workers needs to sleep? Are looking for privacy?

All these questions will determine what type of blind you need and whether you need to do a combination with curtains too.

You can use horizontal blinds as they are suitable for almost all window types, providing you great ventilation as you roll them up to get enough air and light. If you have large, sliding glass doors or windows, vertical blinds are your perfect choice. For darkness, a roller blind and curtains maybe you perfect option.

Measure the exact size you need

combination_blinds_curtains1Use steel measuring tape to get the most accurate measurement of your blinds. Note the exact length, width and casing depth measurements for your window or door as there can be small variations that tend to look the same size. Measure each dimension to the nearest 0.3175 cm.

Choose inside or outside mount

Decide whether to hang blinds inside or outside the window frame. Blinds hang inside the window frame with inside mount blocking cold breeze and scorching heat.Inside mount gives a cleaner look from outside

Whereas outside mount will leave the blinds with a small gap allowing the heat in.

Measure casing depth

Casing depth refers to how far the window sits inside the frame or distance from the window to the edge of the frame. Measure the top, centre and bottom of the window to then you will know if there is enough space for an inside mount.

How to decide what size of blind I need?

If in doubt, ask Rian’s Window Treatments, we provide free inhouse measure and quoting; or in some situations we can do it off your house plans.

Have you already bought blinds that just don’t quite fit?

Rian’s Window Treatment can even modify blinds to fit your exact window size. Yes we can cut down readymade blinds and customize them to your exact needs.

Book an appointment with Rian’s Window Treatments to suit your window shades needs. Ring us on 9581 5005 to discuss your needs.

Can blind tracks be repaired?

Blind Parts Call Rian’s Window TreatmentsDepending on the fault but in most occasions, yes. Repairing blind tracks can make your blinds last a lot longer, not only is it cheaper but very environmental friendly. Follow the tips for replacing the stem and worn gears as they play a very important role for your blinds.

  1. Rotate the vanes
  2. Remove the stem
  3. Detach the worn gears
  4. Change the worn gears
  5. Replace the stem

Rotate the vanes

Rotate the vanes using a metal beaded chain; make sure they are exactly straight then open to secure them.

Remove the stem

Twist the carrier body and base of the stem using a pair of needle nose pliers. You will need to exert a little force to do this but be careful. The stem should just pop out when you did it right.

Detach the worn gear

Make sure that the track is straight and open before removing the gear. Work the worn gear out between the tilt rod and stem gently.

Change the gear

Always remember that the track must be wide open to place the new gear into. Hold it at its tip then carefully fit it into the track.

Replace the stem

Push the stem on the base. Secure the carrier body by holding it on both sides making it steady. Click it back into place. After that, you can hang the vanes and admire your work.

Can blind tracks be repaired?

If you are not a handy person and would prefer to have a professional replace the gears in your blinds call Rian’s Window Treatments, we even do house calls.

Ring us now on 9581 5005 to book an appointment, we can make everything easy for you.

For  all your blind, curtain, shutters, wallpaper and repairs call today for a free quote.

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