What should you consider when choosing blinds?

Roman blindsAre you about to purchase a new blind for your home?

Whether you just want to dress up your window or want to filter sunlight entering your home, adding a blind is a great way to address both situations.

With so many blind options, the choices can overwhelm you.

  • What colour?
  • What design and style should you select?
  • Should you pick the same blinds like your friends have?
  • Should you go for something a little different?

Choosing blinds for your home can be easier than youthink – as long as you know what you are looking for and the things to consider. That way, you can maximise the functionality of your blinds. Here are things you should think about before you purchase a blind:

  • Personal preference
  • View outside
  • Safety
  • Room use

Bedroom BlindsPersonal preference

You can receive advice from your family and friends as to what type of blinds you should buy but always refer to your taste. If you don’t like its colour and design, why purchase it? You might end up, hating it and having replacing down the track because you don’t like staring at it every day.

View outside

Your blind look awesome inside but does it give you a proper view outside when you want to? Your blinds should not interfere with the outside view – it should allow you to control what you want and don’t want to see. Or give you’re the privacy blocking out the street view so you can really enjoy your room.


Do you have children? Most blinds come with a cord and sometimes, they pose a threat to your children especially when they are not securely placed at a safe distance. Be sure to keep your blind cords secured properly and tucked away somewhere safe. Cordless blinds are a great option too.

Room use

Where do you plan to use your blinds? Some blind types are designed to specifically fit to a certain window. For example, a vertical blind often suits a large patio window. When choosing, consider the room where you are planning to put your blinds – it makes the choosing so much easier.

What should you consider when choosing blinds?

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