Consider Block Out Curtains – Control Light, Noise and Save Energy

block out curtainsBlock out curtains have three main functions:

  • Block Out Light
  • Reduce Noise
  • Save Energy

Block Out Light

Shift workers and others with poor sleep patterns can suffer health issues due to lack of proper sleep.  Block out curtains block distracting light and provide a great environment for sound sleep.They can reduce up to 99% of the outside light when fully drawn. A great addition to any babies nursery.

Block out curtains also work well for home theatre rooms where a dark environment is desirable for maximum enjoyment.  In rooms where expensive furniture, electronics, books or other items may be harmed from light, block out curtains will provide the crucial protection.

Reduce Noise

Blockout curtains are made fromheavy material and can reduce up to 40% of the noisefrom outside the room.They are an ideal choice for a variety of situations likeoffices, libraries, nurseries and bedrooms. These rooms can greatly benefit from the additional peacefulnessthis type of curtainprovides.  They also offer an added level of privacy during both day and night.

Save Energy

Block out curtains can help retain heat in winter and keep your home cooler in summer by blocking heat and light. 25% of thermal energy is lost through the windows in your home.  Block out curtain willhelp prevent these losses via the glass reducing your greenhouse gasemissions and energy bills.

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