Cleaning Your Curtains For Christmas

Curtains to suit your roomWow what great weather we are having, lovely sun shining days. Have you noticed that your curtains are in need of some TLC, the sun is showing up the remains of winter? No matter what material they are made from, the location they hang in or the style they are, curtains are much like any other feature in your home that can gather dust, hair and other debris. Over time, this can make your curtains look worn and even start to stain or accumulate pests or mould. Excess dust can aggravate allergies and asthma and effect the indoor air quality in your home.

Whilst there are many options to clean your curtains, different fabrics require different cleaning methods. You need to identify the material your curtains are made of to ensure you’re using the correct cleaning products and procedure.

  • Drapes and Heavy Curtains
  • Sheer and Lace
  • Cotton

Drapes and Heavy Curtains

Save this one for the dry cleaner. The bigger industrial machines mean less chance of damage to the material and they have several options, such as steam cleaning and stain removal techniques, that are far more efficient. You’ve invested significantly in heavier, lined drapes so a professional clean will protect your investment the best way.

Sheer and Lace

The delicate material of these curtains means it can snag or rip easily when wet, so a sink filled with cold water and some dishwashing detergent is best. Wash one curtain at a time by soaking ten minutes and swirling gently to remove any debris or heavy dirt. Rinse again in cold water to remove the soap. To make your sheer or lace curtains feel extra crisp, you can pop 1cup of Epsom salts to the cold water sink but do not return it to rinse the salts off.

Sheer Rail and Track with Ventian BlindsLet the curtains drip dry from your shower rod or laundry line and hang them once fully dry.

Cotton Curtains

For plain cotton curtains, your washing machine will be fine. Remove all the hooks and fittings and shake outdoors if possible. Wash two panels at a time on the delicate cycle in your washing machine using the cold setting. If you can, hang outside in the sunshine or dry on a low-heat setting. If you are using the dryer, immediately remove from the dryer to prevent wrinkles and rehang, or if you have dried them on the line, press with a warm iron to remove wrinkles and rehang.

Cleaning Your Curtains, Are They Past it?

If after a closer inspection you realise that your curtains are beyond cleaning and you need some new ones, then Rian’s Window Treatments is the place for you.

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