Choosing the right wallpaper design for my home

wallpaperWallpaper is the perfect accessory for any style of room. Not sure where to start?

Here are 5 easy tips on how to choose the ideal wallpaper for your home:

  1. Use the right colour
  2. Play with light
  3. Choose your style
  4. Accent the artistic stripes
  5. Mix and match

Use the right colour

Set the mood in your room with your favourite colour. Pick cool colours such as green, blue or violet to make the space look larger, making tranquil and dramatic ambiance. Want to create to a warm feel to your room?  Go for red, orange or yellow wallpapers. Warm colours make an exciting and amazing feel to your room.

Play with light

Light up your room with light-reflecting wallpapers. Consider wallpaper patterns with smooth surfaces, metallic or iridescent ink patterns to turn your dark room into a great space. Avoid a textured surface as it make a wall look darker, making the room appear smaller than it really is.

Choose your style

Create that elegant look with large-scale patterns or fun feel with small motifs such as polka dots and more. You can use variety of border styles that come from sports scenes to fancy designs to wildlife images create the theme in your room for example in your child’s play room.

Accent the artistic stripes

No need to build an extension for your room to make it look wider or taller. Use vertical pattern like floral design to make the ceiling look higher or horizontal pattern to make a small intimate room look wider.

Mix and match

Wallpaper comes in many different patterns and even some without patterns at all; you can mix and match with two different patterns on each adjacent wall. Just remember to do it in a theme, same pattern different colours,or same colour; try picking up a colour from the pattern and use a plain that has that identical colour to retain the value of your wallpaper.

Choosing the right wallpaper design for my home

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