Drapes – To Match or Contrast With Wall Colour?

drapesChoosing the right colour for your drapes is challenging work. The right colour can complete the overall colour scheme of the room and bring out the best of your décor. Choose the wrong colour and your drapes will look out of place and you will have to replace them or live with it for years. What is the difference between drapes and curtains? Read our What is the difference between drapes and curtains to find out more.

When choosing drapes, most of us have been faced with the tough question “Should it match and blend with the wall colour or would a contrast be better so that the windows will stand out?”

Some may choose to coordinate in some fashion with the wall colour but this can be hard and it is usually expensive to do a close match.

Contrasting on the other hand can give you more options. So, like any other window treatment related questions, the answer is… it depends! This is because there are certain factors that you need to look at first before making a decision including:

  • The overall style of the room
  • The effect you want to create
  • Your own preference

Matching colours

Do you have some amazing furniture or artwork inside the room? A matching colour can make it the centre of attraction. Or, you could choose a colour for your drapes with the same shade but not the same colour with your walls as it can serve the same unifying purpose without looking too precisely matched. If you are aiming for a match and it doesn’t quite work, you really will be in trouble.

Contrasting colours

Choosing a drape that contrasts your wall colour can draw attention to a place where the two colours meet. If you’ve got a drop dead gorgeous view out of the window or want a more intimate feel, this is your best option.

Drapes – To Match or Contrast With Wall Colour?

When choosing, remember, it is important to do whatever looks good to you. When choosing drapes there are no hard and fast rules, just choose whatever you feel will bring out your home’s best look. For more drape options and advice, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We have a wide range of window treatments to suit your home perfectly. Ring us today and get a free quote. We can even come to you to do a free in-house quote.