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Maintaining and Repairing Blinds, Curtains or Tracks In Your Home Spring

broken blindsIt’s that time of year! The time for Spring cleaning! The decluttering of your home, the deep cleaning of all the nooks and crannies.

Cleaning! Maintaining the Forgotten Blinds, Curtains and Tracks of the Home

Curtains and Blinds are great for keeping the heat out of your home. Thankfully, as well as being extremely useful, they are also easily kept in working order by staying up to date with cleaning and maintenance.


Blinds are extremely easy to clean. You can wipe off any dust by using just a clean cloth!

While you are cleaning them, check the tracks, fittings, and cords.

Do your blinds need repairing, here at Rian’s Window Treatments we offer repairs on:

• Restringing of blinds
• Vertical blind sat clips
• Continuous cord loops or chain for vertical blinds
• Cloth tape for wood blinds or venetians.

Plus, we have lots of spare parts. If you’re unsure of the type of blind you have, or the repair it needs – take a photo and email it to us!


Cleaning your curtains doesn’t have to be hard! With different types of fabrics, comes different ways to clean and care for them.

For cotton curtains, the washing machine in your home is perfectly fine to use! Ensure you remove each fitting and hook. Wash on a delicate cycle in cold water and hang outside (if possible) to dry in the natural sun.

For more delicate curtains – like lace, soaking in a tub of cold water and dishwashing detergent is the way to go.

curtain that needs fixingIf you have heavier curtains throughout your home, then it’s best to take these ones to a dry cleaner. That way they can be sure to get a good proper clean.

If your curtain has any rips, tears or snags, or has any missing or damaged hooks, then a repair is what you may need. We can repair your curtains to restore their function and beauty.


Tracks are usually the most common part of a window to be neglected. If yours are looking a bit worse for wear, don’t worry – you’re not the only one!

If a clean is all they need, a great way to do it is to first grab a vacuum cleaner with a window track attachment (if you have one) – if not, a toothbrush and warm water is a great way to get into all the crevices.

If you need a repair, on a cracked or broken window track, call us at Rian’s Window Treatments for all your blind, curtain and track repairs plus spare parts too.

Our service areas are South of Perth including Rockingham, Baldivis, Safety Bay, Mandurah, Pinjarra and surrounding areas right through to Bunbury.

Call Rian’s Window Treatments for repairs of your curtains and blinds on 9581 5005.

How you can incorporate colour into a room with window treatments?

blinds-mandurahPlan on decorating your home? Whether it’s your bedroom or living room, it is important that you think about your theme colour. Using the right colour can bring out the best aspects of your space and it can add a whole new look for your room giving your furniture a new hue. Of course, this will apply also on your window treatments.

How to use colour into your décor?

Every year, we tend to find out what’s the colour trend. When is the perfect time to embrace a trending colour and stick to timeless neutral? A trending colour can make a bold statement for your home – usually they are bold and bright so using them on furniture such as side tables and chairs is good. Stick with your home’s classic colour – just learn how to incorporate the latest colour so your home stays updated.

curtainsHow often should you change your colour palette?

To freshen up your home’s look, feel free to change your wall colour every year or once every 2 years – this depends on your preference and budget of course. For seasonal trend, you can change small burst of colour inside your home.

What about curtains?

Did you know that patterned curtains are effective in balancing classic and trendy colours? So if you happen to use the latest colour trend inside your home, use patterned curtains. A large scale vertical stripe is always clean and classic while a bold plaid can be perfect for holiday season! Curtains can also add more fun on your windows. Bold colours like fuchsia and emerald green are great to use on your living room.

window treatmentsRoller blinds too?

Roller blinds are great to use on bathroom and kitchen. They look simple and can create a clean look too. Need a splash of colour then go with a bright patterned blind. Coloured blinds go perfectly with white or neutral wall colours and then you can coordinate you towels and accessories. Bathroom make over complete!

How you can incorporate colour into a room?

Need advice on what window treatment to use? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for a free advice. We also offer different window treatments such as blinds, curtains, roller curtains and even spare parts. Ring us today for a free quote.

Everything you need to know about custom made curtains

curtainsOur Aussie weather can be very hot and humid at times. Most homeowners are looking for ways to decrease the heat entering through their home openings such as their windows and doors. The most common way is to install an air conditioner to escape those heats. However, did you know that installing curtains can also cool down your room temperature?

How does a curtain work?

The primary function of a curtain is to decrease the amount of sunlight entering your home. Different people have different tolerance levels to sunlight and installing curtains provides the means to adjust the flow of sunlight according to a person’s preference.

When it comes to reducing heat and keeping your home cool, curtains also plays a great role. There are different types of curtains available. While some are excellent in keeping your home bright and cheery, some curtains can prevent both heat loss and heat gain. Normally, these are curtains with a thick fabric as they will resist heat from going in and out.

custom made curtainsCustom made curtains

You’ve heard about custom made curtains – but what does it really mean? Custom made curtains are made specially to cater to YOUR needs and wants. It fits your requirement and is designed to complete its purpose perfectly. Custom made curtains can be created in a different sizes, made from combined materials and can come in rare colours – of course, this depends on your preference.

You can have your curtains designed completely suited to meet your requirements – it can be a curtain that you can use during winter but it can also be transformed during the summer months. It all depends on you. What’s your taste and desire?

Everything you need to know about custom made curtains

Still not sure how you want your custom made curtains or what materials you are going to use? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for all your needs. We have a wide knowledge on different window treatments including curtains. We can come to your home and do a free in home consultation to help you, we can give you advice on your curtains and advise you what’s best for your home. Ring us today and let’s talk!

How to brighten up your child’s room

Curtains for the Baby roomNeed to brighten up your child’s room? Curtains are an affordable way to create a huge difference in the feel of your child’s room. Curtains can brighten up the room and produce the perfect atmosphere.

Here are 3 tips on choosing the right curtains for child’s room.

  1. Match with other accessories
  2. Use patterned curtains
  3. Use bright coloured curtains

Match with other accessories

Before choosing a particular curtain design, you must think about what is already in the room, what will stay? Check the other things like linen, cushions, rugs and furniture to decide to design what style will suit best. Turn your child’s room into the best playroom, a great place to be by blending the right theme and décor.

Use patterned curtains

Kids love to play, think about the type of mood you want to create. Use artistic patterned curtains such as floral patterns, polka dots, golden moon, clouds and twinkling stars to give your children a sound sleep making them feel comfy.

For girls, use pink, purple, bright hues and you can team this will butterfly, fairies or flower patterns. For boys, blues, greens and yellows make a perfect match with cars, trucks, machinery or the great outdoors as they are very attractive in their eyes.

Babys room curtainsUse bright coloured curtains

Think bright and happy colours. Nothing is more attractive for kids than sheer curtains as they come in large range of colours to filter lovely light and make the room look wider than it really is. Team the sheer with a heavier feature curtain and you have the best of both worlds.

Choose colours such as orange, sunny golden, light blue, turquoise, green,citrus yellow and more combinations as they convey pleasant and happy mood perfect for your playful kids.

How to brighten up your child’s room?

Remember the 3 tips and you will have happy children who love their rooms.

Need a little help or a lot? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments on 9581 5005 to get a free quote and set an appointment. We have range of high quality window treatments to suit your needs. We carry many different designers from budget to limited edition so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.

Did you know window treatments can brighten your home interior?

curtainsThe weather is lovely, isn’t it? It’s the perfect time to let in the sun and bring some outdoor views inside. This also means one thing, time to brighten up your interiors! From sheer curtains to colourful fabric, using the right window treatments can let you add a little sparkle in your home’s overall appearance.

Colour away!

The winter will not be back until next year, so it’s time to brighten up your home with warm tans, blues, greens and yellows to create that renewal feel for your interior. Go for light coloured window treatments as it can help let in the cool breeze and gives you a refreshing view. While you’re at it, consider matching your pillows and rugs too. This will instantly give your homean inviting and renewed look, perfect for spring and summer season!

Use multiple treatments for your windows

curtainsIf your windows look bare and you wanted to dress it up, now is the time to do it. Consider layers of colours, texture and pattern to complete the look of your window. For window treatment ideas that you can use, look on online home design blogs or get advice from the professionals.

The right window treatments can make your home inviting and inspiring. It will give your home a lift of light and renewed airiness, perfect for that spring and summery feel. Plus, it can also accentuate not just your windows but your home décor as well. When using the right window treatments, you can bring out the best look of your home.

How window treatments can brighten your home interior?

If you are having difficulties in finding the right window treatment for your home, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We offer expert advices for free to ensure you get the best window treatment that’s right for your home. Ring us now free advice. All quotes are free too.

I have allergies what are the best curtains for my home?

Curtains to suit your roomStay healthy and allergy-free in your home and have curtains too. Check out these 3 tips for living with allergies and curtains:

  1. Washable curtains
  2. Right curtain fabrics
  3. Can be vacuumed

Washable curtains

Choose curtains that can easily machine washed. Having your curtains washed will remove dirt and dust mites have collected in the curtains. Wash at a temperature 55 to 60 oC is best to kill any nasties and get lovely clean curtains.

After washing your curtains, dry them outside in sunlight. The sun is a natural disinfectant and will kill any allergens that may be present in the fabrics. Wash your curtains every 3 months at minimum or more if there has been a lot of dust in the air. Wash in spring after you home has been closed up for the winter.

Right curtain fabrics

Avoid buying curtains that are made from wool, silk, or fabric blends that may increase the changes of holding dust mites. It is best to use curtains made from pure cotton, linen or a synthetic blended fabric.

Can be vacuumed

Make sure your curtains can be vacuumed. Regularly vacuum your curtains in between washing them. Use vacuum with a good HEPA filter(High-efficiency particulate arrestance filter) as it will remove even the smallest allergen particles from within the fabrics.

Vacuuming your curtains need to be done regularly to minimise allergens getting inside the curtains. You can vacuum your curtains twice a month ensuring you will remove all the allergens that are present.

I have allergies what are the best curtains for my home?

Just follow the 3 tips and you can enjoy allergy-free home.

Need advice on your curtains or looking for new curtains Rian’s Window Treatments have years of knowledge and can help you with the best options for your home. At Rian’s we also sell roller blinds, other types of indoor blinds, roller shutter and colonial shutters too. We have the perfect window treatment for your home.

Ring us on 9581 5005 to get a FREE quote and we can discuss your needs or setup an appointment and we will come to you.

Should I choose curtains or blinds for my new home?

Curtain CombinationConfused whether to use curtains or blinds to cover up your windows in your new home? Both curtains and blinds are very useful and can create some great effects in your home.

Here are some features of both curtains and blinds:


  1. Privacy
  2. Weather protection
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Perfect match with furnishings


curtainsStay safe and comfy by just hanging your sheer curtains down. Cover your windows with curtains and you can go about your business and create a lovely classic romantic feel.

Weather protection

Shield your room from the sun with blockout curtains. Blockouts are perfect to keep your house cool in summer and being lined these curtains will keep out the cold this winter.

Manage temperature inside your home by just putting up curtains; keeping cosy climate inside your house is that easy. Perfect for all year round comfort and saves you on your heating and cooling bills too.

Easy to clean

Wash your curtains and wait for an hour or two for them to dry.

Curtains are great but remember safety first. Make sure to place curtains away from the kitchen to avoid steam, heat, water, spills, and stains that will make your curtains ware prematurely.

Perfect match with furnishings

Curtains can be matched with your lovely furnishings around your home, great for coordinating décor.  Pick up your favourite theme or complementing your neutral wall with some colour.


  1. Privacy
  2. Weather resistant
  3. Easy to clean


Want to do your thing without anyone able to see in? Simply roll down your blinds and shut the outside world out.


Blinds come into 100 fabrics you can choose from perfect to shield your home from Perth’s harsh sun and keep cold air out. Keep your house warm in winter by installing blinds in your windows.

No need to running your heater all winter to achieve that warm air around your home if you have blinds installed and roll them down before the cold air can get in.

Easy to cleanLoungeroon_blinds

Wipe off dust and dirt away by using clean cloth and you are done cleaning your blinds; too easy! Plastic or metal blinds are best for kitchen windows keeping stains, steam, heat, water, spills easy to tidy away.

Should I choose curtains or blinds for my new home?

Well that depends on your purpose, your needs and your taste. Sometime the perfect option is to go with both blinds and curtains. Use curtains in your lounge and living rooms and blinds in your kitchen and bathroom. Curtains and blinds can be used together to create a great effect.

If still confused which will suit your need, contact Rian’s Window Treatments on 9581 5005. We can come to you and bring sample and different ideas to see how they fit in with your home. You will be surprised how affordable curtains and blinds are. Call today to book your appointment.

Shop Today and Pay Later with Certegy Ezi-Pay Express at Rians Window Treatments

Sheer in the living room with a pelmetAre you looking to redecorate with new window treatments but the budget won’t allow for what you really want? With blinds, curtains and window treatments, you get what you pay for and everyone wants the highest quality products that will last a lifetime in their home.

Rian’s Window Treatments have recognised the need for their clientele to source high-quality window treatments at competitive prices and have introduced the option of Certegy Ezi-Pay Express as a payment choice for their valued customers. Certegy Ezi-Pay is the leading provider of no interest ever payment plans and is used by thousands of Australian businesses as a convenient payment method.

  • Easy and convenient
  • Minimal Fees and Charges
  • Ongoing Account Services

Easy and Convenient

EzyPayWith the ability to apply for a payment plan in-store, the Certegy Ezi-Pay Express plan is simple and efficient, with fast approvals (for customers that meet the minimum criteria) and fortnightly instalments tailored to fit most budgets. You can also check balances on the myEziPay app.

Minimal Fees and Charges

Certegy Ezi-Pay Express offers customers the opportunity to shop now and pay later with no interest ever, however there is an initial fee to setup your account and minimal charges to process payments per month.

Ongoing Account Services

BlindsOnce payment for goods has been completed with Certegy EziPay, the customer has the option of making another purchase, leaving the account open to make another purchase at a later date or closing the account. Leaving the account open will reduce the establishment fee of the next purchase. No fees are charged for closing the account or paying out the balance before the due date.

Buying Beautiful Window Treatments Is Easier Now At Rians

If you want beautiful, custom designed window treatments for your home, look no further than Rians Window Treatments. With an exclusive range of blinds, curtains, shutters, awnings, wallpaper and all accessories required, Rians Window Treatments add elegance, style and a touch of class to your home, with the added convenience of Certegy Ezi-Pay Express.

3 proper ways to hang your curtains

curtainsA pretty room with a poorly hung curtain is like a beautiful woman wearing too short pants! It can make everything inside the room look less attractive and make you feel uncomfortable as well. Just looking at it can give a bad impression. Are your curtains hanging wrongly?

Hanging your curtains

You may think that you have done it properly until you are sit comfortably in your favourite chair and you feel there is something wrong with your window.

  • Is it the curtain’s design?
  • Maybe it’s the colour?
  • Well, it can be the way you hang your curtains.

When it comes to hanging them, the rule is to keep your ceiling looking as high as possible. Maybe this is the main reason why you continue to make the same mistake?

Avoiding curtains that are too short for your windows is simple,once you know these 3 correct ways to hang your curtains:

1. The slight float. If you want to hang your curtains without any breaks at all, but don’t want it to touch the floor, this is for you. Simply, hang them less than an inch above the floor. It doesn’t quite touch the floor.

2. The puddle. Want to give your room that romantic feel? This type of hanging allows your curtains to puddle all over the floor, creating a feminine, old world look. It is just perfect, if your curtain is a high quality fabric – it will be sure to make a statement!

3. The kiss. It barely touches the floor and can look gorgeous in any space. However, this might be harder to pull off as you have to measure your curtain accurately. When measuring, consider some tiny break/bend in your curtain when it is open.

3 proper ways to hang your curtains

Now that you know how to hang your curtains flawlessly, there’s no reason for excuses! For a lovely selection of curtains, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We have an extensive variety of curtains to suit your taste. Ring us today for a free quote.


Summer Cleaning Your Curtains

CurtainsIt’s summer in the West Australian and along with the other chores that come with summer cleaning, your curtains are in need of some TLC too. No matter what material they are made from, the location they hang in or the style they are, curtains are much like any other feature in your home that can gather dust, hair and other debris. Over time, this can make your curtains look worn and even start to stain or accumulate pests or mould. Excess dust can aggravate allergies and asthma and affect the indoor air quality in your home.

Whilst there are many options to clean your curtains, different fabrics require different cleaning methods. You need to identify the material your curtains are made of to ensure you’re using the correct cleaning products and procedure.

  • Drapes and Heavy Curtains
  • Sheer and Lace
  • Cotton

Drapes and Heavy Curtains

Save this one for the dry cleaner. The bigger industrial machines mean less chance of damage to the material and they have several options, such as steam cleaning and stain removal techniques, that are far more efficient. You’ve invested significantly in heavier, lined drapes so a professional clean will protect your investment the best way.

Sheer and Lace

Curtain fabricThe delicate material of these curtains means it can snag or rip easily when wet, so a sink filled with cold water and some dishwashing detergent is best. Wash one curtain at a time by soaking ten minutes and swirling gently to remove any debris or heavy dirt. Rinse again in cold water to remove the soap. To make your sheer or lace curtains feel extra crisp, you can pop 1 cup of Epsom salts to the cold water sink but do not return it to rinse the salts off.

Let the curtains drip dry from your shower rod or laundry line and hang them once fully dry.

Cotton Curtains

For plain cotton curtains, your washing machine will be fine. Remove all the hooks and fittings and shake outdoors if possible. Wash two panels at a time on the delicate cycle in your washing machine using the cold setting. If you can, hang outside in the sunshine or dry on a low-heat setting. If you are using the dryer, immediately remove from the dryer to prevent wrinkles and rehang, or if you have dried them on the line, press with a warm iron to remove wrinkles and rehang.

Have Questions About Summer Cleaning Your Curtains?

Rian’s Window Treatments are the experts in window treatments and can assist you not only with the maintenance of our existing curtains but with selecting and manufacturing curtains for your home. Call the team on 9581 5005 today for a free measure and quote.

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