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Stay warm this winter by installing blinds on your windows!

Vertical_BlindsHave you ever stood outside your window and felt the lovely warm air that is escaping through your window? That is money literally being wasted as you are paying to warm the outside of your house not just the inside where you want to be.

Install blinds now to prevent warm air leaving your home and keep warm this winter. Reasons to install blinds:

  1. Durable
  2. Affordable
  3. Heat and air resistant
  4. Easy to install


Keep your home warm this winter by covering your windows with blinds. You can enjoy a warmer home without running your heater flat out as the warm air is retained in your home.

Blinds are strong and durable, and when they are custom made you can decide what size, design, and fabrics you would like to use. Blinds will last many years and provide protection from all-weather conditions, great in summer too.


Blinds, though made from expensive materials, are very affordable. Blinds provide reliable protection that you can afford.

Heat and air resistant

Bedroom_BlindsCatch all that warm air escaping through your windows by using blinds. Never leave your windows naked as there is a massive amount of warm air fleeing your home while allowing cold air to seep in.

Blinds are your best option for lasting protection against frosty air in winter and heat in summer.  Our blinds are made from a vast choice of fabrics and we guarantee quality products.  Our locally made blinds are perfect to block the Australian weather conditions.

Easy to install

Want to install your blinds hassle free? Rian’s Window Treatments will offer you professional service and qualityinstallation. All you have to do is place your order and your blinds will be hanging in your favourite area in no time.

Stay warm this winter by installing blinds on your windows!

Need help with the installation of your blinds or need assistance in deciding on the perfect blinds for your home?

Contact us, Rian’s Window Treatments on 9581 5005 for all your blind needs.We can help create your blinds to suit all your requirements and dreams. Ring us now for a FREE quote. Making your house a home.

How to decide what size of blind I need?

blindsBlinds offer many benefits such as an aesthetic look as well as being practical. Having the right size of blind will make such a difference to your room and the overall feel of your room. New blinds are a great invested so make sure to measure them first before buying them.

Here are the how-to tips to ensure a proper fit blinds for your home.

  1. Determine your window type
  2. The use of your room
  3. Measure the exact size you need
  4. Choose inside or outside mount
  5. Measure casing depth

Determine your window type

Knowing the type of blind you need and want can help you decide what size you need. Blinds come in a wide range of sizes, colours and designs to fit any window types.

The use of your room

What is your room used for? Is it an airy sunroom or a theatre room where you are trying to restrict the light? Your child’s bedroom or a room where a shift workers needs to sleep? Are looking for privacy?

All these questions will determine what type of blind you need and whether you need to do a combination with curtains too.

You can use horizontal blinds as they are suitable for almost all window types, providing you great ventilation as you roll them up to get enough air and light. If you have large, sliding glass doors or windows, vertical blinds are your perfect choice. For darkness, a roller blind and curtains maybe you perfect option.

Measure the exact size you need

combination_blinds_curtains1Use steel measuring tape to get the most accurate measurement of your blinds. Note the exact length, width and casing depth measurements for your window or door as there can be small variations that tend to look the same size. Measure each dimension to the nearest 0.3175 cm.

Choose inside or outside mount

Decide whether to hang blinds inside or outside the window frame. Blinds hang inside the window frame with inside mount blocking cold breeze and scorching heat.Inside mount gives a cleaner look from outside

Whereas outside mount will leave the blinds with a small gap allowing the heat in.

Measure casing depth

Casing depth refers to how far the window sits inside the frame or distance from the window to the edge of the frame. Measure the top, centre and bottom of the window to then you will know if there is enough space for an inside mount.

How to decide what size of blind I need?

If in doubt, ask Rian’s Window Treatments, we provide free inhouse measure and quoting; or in some situations we can do it off your house plans.

Have you already bought blinds that just don’t quite fit?

Rian’s Window Treatment can even modify blinds to fit your exact window size. Yes we can cut down readymade blinds and customize them to your exact needs.

Book an appointment with Rian’s Window Treatments to suit your window shades needs. Ring us on 9581 5005 to discuss your needs.

5 common myths about blinds you should know!

blinds-by-riansThinking of buying blinds for your windows?

If yes, you might start doing some research about blinds to make sure you get your money’s worth. In doing so, you might hear a thing or 2 about blinds that makes you hesitant about it. There are definitely a lot of myths and mistruths about blinds so let’s have a look at some of them.

Blind myths

Like any other products, there are myths circulating about blinds. Sadly, some of these myths become so common that some people think that they are true. Here are the lists of myths that you may or may not have come across:

  • Blinds aren’t practical
  • They only suit certain rooms
  • They’re hard to clean
  • They never match your décor
  • Getting the right size is hard

window-blindsBlinds aren’t practical

This is not true at all – in fact, blinds are one of the most practical items any home should have. They are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere inside your home! With proper maintenance, they can last for many years!

They only suit certain rooms

Another myth – with the wide variety of styles and designs available for blinds, you can find something that will suit your bedroom, kitchen and even your bathroom! Whether you have vertical blinds in your living room, Venetian blinds in your home office or roman blinds in your kitchen, they will all look like they fit in perfectly.

They’re hard to clean

Again – this is not true. Take down your blinds whenever you want to clean them. You can run a feather duster on close blind slats and they’re clean already. Or for extra dirty blinds, you can use a damp cloth to get rid of the dirt. You also have the option to have it professionally cleaned – in case you don’t have the time to clean it yourself or not sure on how to do it.

They never match your décor

Yes, they can. This is purely a myth. If you are unsure about your blind selection, you can consult with an expert to help you decide which blinds will match your home’s interior. With the wide selection of blinds, you can always find something that will work best with your existing furnishing and home décor.

great-blindsGetting the right size is hard

No matter what size your windows are, you can have a blind custom made to suit your property. Once installed, they’ll fit perfectly on your windows so when it comes to blinds, finding the right size don’t matter at all.

5 common myths about blinds you should know

Now you know. Blinds are a great addition to your home and don’t believe everything you hear. Sometimes; it’s worth to do a little research and digging around first.

Do you need blinds for your home? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for all your blinds needs. We have blinds to suit your home perfectly. Ring Rian’s Window Treatments today to get a free quote.

FAQ’s when ordering blinds from Rian’s Window Treatments

faqs-by-riansDo you want durable and stylish blinds? Purchase any of your window treatments including blinds from Rian’s Window Treatments. Our blinds are custom made from the highest quality materials ensuring you of a durable product that can last for many years plus they will exactly fir your window space, near enough is not good enough. We have every confidence in the quality of our blinds,therefore offering a 5 year warranty on all of our products.

Affordable blinds

Here at Rian’s Window Treatments, we combine quality with great value. That is why our blinds are cost effective – even our custom made blinds which are more affordable than you might expect. You are guaranteed to find a blind that will suit your home and your budget too.

When ordering blinds, we receive a lot of questions from our clients. Thus, we compile these questions and we answer them as accurate as possible.

How will you know that you received my order?

After you place your order and accept our quote, your will be advised on the delivery time and we will organise an installation date with you (if you are having your blinds installed by Rian’s Window Treatments).

Roman blindsCan my blinds be delivered to a different address than my home address?

Yes of course. Let us know where you would like the blinds installed eg your rental property and the arrangements for access on the installation day.

What should I do with a blind with a wrong measurement?

They won’t be, if we have done a measure for you. All our measure and quotes are free, so best let us do the measurements for you.

Can I pick up my order from the shop?

Yes, if you have ordered blinds only and no installation, we will ring you when your order is ready and you can come and pick them up from our shop at

FAQ’s when ordering blinds from Rian’s Window Treatments

Do you have more questions for us? Call Rian’s Window Treatments directly on 9581 5005 so you can speak to our friendly staff – we are happy to answer your questions.

What’s the right blind to use for a super sunny bathroom?

Bathroom blindsA sunny bathroom is nice – it lets you enjoy the natural light while enjoying your bathroom experience. However, a super sunny bathroom is a different story. You want a well lit bathroom, but too much sunlight is not a good idea. When it reflects on your bathroom mirror, it can create a blinding light which you don’t want. So, what do we do?

Block too much sunlight

If it’s a glass window that’s letting in too much sunlight, perhaps it’s time to block off some light. How is this possible? By using bathroom blinds. Blinds are the perfect addition to filtering too much light without actually letting your bathroom look dark. The right blind will block the sunlight when it is annoying and will let the sunshine flow through when you want it.

Bathroom blinds are the answer

A great option for your bathroom is to use blinds that can be tilted on top and the bottom independently. Your blind will have a decorative rail in the middle – this will allow you to tilt the top blind to let in light while the bottom section remains closed. This will let in some of the light but not too much all at once. With blinds, you can still enjoy your privacy while filtering out the light.

What’s the right blind to use for a super sunny bathroom?

Can’t decide what type of blinds will fit your bathroom perfectly?

Then contact Rian’s Window Treatments at 9581 5005 for all your blind needs. We can give you free advice on which blinds will suit your bathroom needs. We can visit your home and do a free in-house inspection so we can determine which kind of blinds you need. Ring us today to discuss your needs with us, or you can visit our showroom should you want to check out our selection first. We also offer different window treatments such as curtains, roller shutters and even wallpaper. Don’t delay, phone us today!

How to catproof your window blinds?

catHaving problems with your blind because of your pet cat? This is a normal occurrence for homeowners with cats – there are cats who love blind cords more than catnip and cats who love to squeeze behind blinds causing it to bend and break. What should you about it?

Here are 4 common cat and blind questions.

  1. My cat will do anything to access the window
  2. My cat keeps on playing my blind cord
  3. My cat climbs and claws at the blinds
  4. How to catproof your window blinds?

My cat will do anything to access the window

Cats are natural observers and they are interested in the world of birds and outside world. They also love to sunbathe and when you notice that your cat starts to wiggle around your blind, raised your blinds. Chances are your cat just wants to see outside. If you want your privacy, raised your blinds a few centimeters and install a cat size curtain. Your cat can get out anytime without damaging your blinds and you can still enjoy your privacy.

My cat keeps on playing my blind cord

Cats love to play all day – and your blind cord hanging just above your floor is an interesting thing to play. Make sure to keep your cords wrapped up – or you can tie it up in a bundle to get it out of your cat’s reach. Give you cat alternative toys they can play with. Hand a piece of cord from their cat scratcher and let them use that instead of your blind cord.

blindsMy cat climbs and claws at the blinds

Cats have a natural instinct to climb and when they climb, they scratch their claws off. As a result, you’ll get a damage blinds. In order to prevent your cat from climbing your blinds and leaving scratches all around, provide your cat with a cat tower. That way, you can decrease their chance of climbing your blinds.

How to catproof your window blinds?

Really, there is no method to completely catproof your blinds but these few suggestions can really help.

If your blinds are damaged beyond repair or need an update, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We offer different kinds of window treatments which include blinds, curtains, roller shutters and repair parts too. Ring us today or visit our showroom to see our products.

Why choose Rian’s Window Treatments for your blinds?

Blinds by Rians Rian's Windpw TreatmentsLooking for the right sun shade solution? Installing blinds is the perfect solution for you. What are your shade options?To combat the blazing midday sunshine, installing blind is a great idea. However, there are just too many blinds to choose from, which one is for you? Your choice should depend on your needs – how you want your space to be covered, what type of protection you want and what kind of look you want your home to have.

You can choose:

Our products are made from highest quality materials; we are the best shading option for your home. Servicing Perth, Mandurah and the South West Rian’s Window Treatments can provide the blind that suits you perfectly, near enough is not good enough.

Choosing Rian’s Window Treatments

Roman blindsWhen in Mandurah, choose Rian’s Window Treatments for all your blind needs. Our blinds are fashionable and exquisite which can give you a visual piece of indoor architecture enhancing your property’s overall appearance. Here are few reasons why you should stick with us:

  • Affordable blind solution
  • Quality ranges from affordable to premium perfect to suit all styles
  • Bespoke designs available
  • Made to measure
  • UV protection ensured
  • Quality products
  • Australian made

Here at Rian’s Window Treatments, we make sure that your every need and requirements are catered. Our products are suitable to any type of indoor spaces and offer an ideal solution to combat the harsh Australian weather condition all year round. We care for your home and we only want the best for you.

For all your blinds inquiries, call us at 9581 5005, free of charge quotation today. We would love to hear from you so call us today!


What types of blinds are perfect for your bathroom?

Bathroom blindsWhen you are shopping for blinds for your bathroom, you want something that doesn’t just look the part but will also last longer. We all know that bathrooms are exposed to excessive moisture and that most blind materials are not resistant to wetness – at least most of them but not all.

In such a wet environment, what types of blinds are good to use for your bathroom? Is there a bathroom blind that will complement your bathroom and at the same time, durable enough to withstand the test of time or rather, the moisture? Here are a few types of blinds that will fit your bathroom perfectly:

PVC Venetian blinds

Creating a modern finish to your bathroom, this type of blind is waterproof. Not only is it hard wearing, but this blind will last for a long time in your bathroom. Check out the range of colours available – you’ll be amazed.

Gorgeous blindsWaterproof vertical blinds

They are a practical solution as they offer privacy, light control and cope well in damp conditions. All PVC fabrics are black out too, so don’t worry about your neighbours peeking in while you’re taking a shower. With a range of neutral and bright coloured fabrics, you can choose something that will complement your bathroom’s style.

Roller blinds

Want some light in your bathroom? Roller blinds are perfect. They can be positioned up all day and pulled down easily when needed. Roller blinds make a good bathroom blind as they are stylish and very durable.

What types of blinds are perfect for your bathroom?

Need advice on what type of blind will suit your bathroom perfectly? Still not sure how to choose your bathroom blinds? Contact Rian’s Window Treatments for free blind advice. We can give you advice on which type of blinds will fit better in your bathroom. Ring us today at 9581 5005 for a free measure and quote.

Why should you choose white blinds?

Roller_BlindsShopping for window blinds? With so many options to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming as to what colour of blind you should choose. Cream can look nice and blue could create a cooler feeling inside – but will they date? When in doubt, go for white.

White blinds

The white colour has always been vital for designers because they are simple and elegant to admire. White could allow you to have a great base to build your theme around. The same goes with white blinds. White blinds offer a minimalist look. White blinds are perfect for homes with a contemporary design, but its uncluttered appeal could also make your home welcoming to your guests.

White blind benefits:

  • Clutter free feel. White is usually associated with cleanliness. Having a white blind can make your home feel cleaner, hygienic and tidy looking.
  • There’s an element of calm. White blinds add an element of calm to any space which makes your home cosier; your guests will instantly feel warm upon entering your home.
  • Brighten up your room. Surprisingly, you can make any room look cheery by using white blinds. Were you under the impression that bright colours did that – weren’t you? Because white colour belongs to the lighter shade, it could also make your space appear brighter!

Why should you choose white blinds?

Why not? White blinds are visually pleasing and will brighten up the entire room while keeping your privacy at the same time. What’s there not to like about them? You can always change your rooms décor and your white blinds will still blend in perfectly.

For all of your blind queries, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We offer blinds of various kinds, colours and designs. You can also check out our other window treatments.

Rian’s Window Treatments assures you of high quality products that will last through the years. Ring us today and let’s discuss your needs. We are looking forward to speaking with you.

FAQ’s when ordering blinds from Rian’s Window Treatments

blindsAre there times you just wished the sun wouldn’t shine quite so bright, come streaming into your home and make it feel like a sauna? Sunny days are great – but not when there’s too much sunlight on areas where you don’t want it. To minimise the amount of sunlight, you can close your windows. However, if you have glass windows – installing blinds is your best option.

Installing blinds

Blinds are a great way to block out sunlight when you need it most. Installing blinds is a stylish way to prevent the sun from entering your home.At the same time, it can also be used as a décor.

Blinds from Rian’s Window Treatments

Are you looking for the right blinds for your home? Choose Rian’s Window Treatments for all your blind needs. Our blinds are made from quality materials ensuring you of long lasting blinds. We have an extensive variety of designs and they come in different colours too. Whether your home has a minimalist design or a burst of colours, you can find something that will match your interior design!

Here at Rian’s, we have received many questions regarding our blinds. Read on for our answers:

I am not sure about installing my blinds. Can you help me?

Absolutely! Our blinds come with instructions on how to install on your own. However, if you don’t feel that confident with your DIY skills, our experts can do the installation for you.

What types of blinds are available?

We offer many different blinds which include panel blinds, roller blinds, venetian blinds and vertical blinds. You can check our blind products here.

Do you supply screws and fasteners?

Yes – just let us know what you need. We have all the materials you need to ensure you get the best blind installation result. We also offer spare parts and accessories not only for blinds but as well as for some window treatments such as curtains and roller shutters.

What if one of my blinds breaks?

Our products are all under warranty. Should there be any problem with your newly purchased blinds, you can call us at 9581 5005 and our friendly staff will deal with your enquiries.

FAQ’s when ordering blinds from Rian’s Window Treatments

Do you have more questions for us? Don’t hesitate to give Rian’s Window Treatments a call today! We will answer all your questions you have for us.Let’s discuss your blind options – we offer free quote too!