Can you put wallpaper over wallpaper?

wallpaperYour current wallpaper looks a bit worn out and old. You have decided to have it replaced but hesitant when you think about the time you will spend on the task – just stripping off the old wallpaper will take so much of your time! Yes, it can be time consuming but what if you can skip that part?

Can you hang new wallpaper over old wallpaper?

It sounds interesting and yes, it is possible. Imagine the time you can save if you can just install the new wallpaper over your existing wallpaper.

However, you can only do it if you have checked the points below first:

  • The existing wallpaper is firmly adhered to the wall
  • The existing wallpaper has a smooth texture
  • It doesn’t have any embossed texture at all
  • Doesn’t have any embellishments or flocking

home-wallpaperYou can only install new wallpaper directly to existing wallpaper if you are sure that the old wallpaper has been installed properly and it provides a smooth, clear surface for another layer of wallpaper.

Will it affect the quality and look of my walls?

No, it will not. When applied correctly, your new wallpaper will look as if it is the first layer of wallpaper. Only you will know that there is existing wallpaper behind it! Just a tip – when covering an existing wallpaper, choose high quality wallpaper that is not pre-pasted. These types of wallpapers are thicker and heavier which makes them better suited for installation over existing wallpaper.

Can you put wallpaper over wallpaper?

Yes, you can, but if you are not confident with your installation skills, you can hire a professional to do the job for you. They are experts in this field and will provide you with excellent results. For high quality and durable wallpapers, contact Rian’s Window Treatments. We offer a wide range of wallpapers with different patterns and designs as well as shutters, blinds and curtains too.

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