How you can incorporate colour into a room with window treatments?

blinds-mandurahPlan on decorating your home? Whether it’s your bedroom or living room, it is important that you think about your theme colour. Using the right colour can bring out the best aspects of your space and it can add a whole new look for your room giving your furniture a new hue. Of course, this will apply also on your window treatments.

How to use colour into your décor?

Every year, we tend to find out what’s the colour trend. When is the perfect time to embrace a trending colour and stick to timeless neutral? A trending colour can make a bold statement for your home – usually they are bold and bright so using them on furniture such as side tables and chairs is good. Stick with your home’s classic colour – just learn how to incorporate the latest colour so your home stays updated.

curtainsHow often should you change your colour palette?

To freshen up your home’s look, feel free to change your wall colour every year or once every 2 years – this depends on your preference and budget of course. For seasonal trend, you can change small burst of colour inside your home.

What about curtains?

Did you know that patterned curtains are effective in balancing classic and trendy colours? So if you happen to use the latest colour trend inside your home, use patterned curtains. A large scale vertical stripe is always clean and classic while a bold plaid can be perfect for holiday season! Curtains can also add more fun on your windows. Bold colours like fuchsia and emerald green are great to use on your living room.

window treatmentsRoller blinds too?

Roller blinds are great to use on bathroom and kitchen. They look simple and can create a clean look too. Need a splash of colour then go with a bright patterned blind. Coloured blinds go perfectly with white or neutral wall colours and then you can coordinate you towels and accessories. Bathroom make over complete!

How you can incorporate colour into a room?

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