Can blind tracks be repaired?

Blind Parts Call Rian’s Window TreatmentsDepending on the fault but in most occasions, yes. Repairing blind tracks can make your blinds last a lot longer, not only is it cheaper but very environmental friendly. Follow the tips for replacing the stem and worn gears as they play a very important role for your blinds.

  1. Rotate the vanes
  2. Remove the stem
  3. Detach the worn gears
  4. Change the worn gears
  5. Replace the stem

Rotate the vanes

Rotate the vanes using a metal beaded chain; make sure they are exactly straight then open to secure them.

Remove the stem

Twist the carrier body and base of the stem using a pair of needle nose pliers. You will need to exert a little force to do this but be careful. The stem should just pop out when you did it right.

Detach the worn gear

Make sure that the track is straight and open before removing the gear. Work the worn gear out between the tilt rod and stem gently.

Change the gear

Always remember that the track must be wide open to place the new gear into. Hold it at its tip then carefully fit it into the track.

Replace the stem

Push the stem on the base. Secure the carrier body by holding it on both sides making it steady. Click it back into place. After that, you can hang the vanes and admire your work.

Can blind tracks be repaired?

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