Which Blinds Should I Choose For My Home?

Vertical_BlindsBlinds have an incredible impact on the look and feel of your room.  Therefore, it is important to choose carefully when selecting blinds for your home.  There are new products on the market every other day however, there are six main choices of blinds that you can find here in Australia for your new blinds:

  1. Roller
  2. Blackout
  3. Roman
  4. Venetian
  5. Plantation
  6. Light Filtering


Rollers blinds are made of a stiff fabric that can be rolled to a tube when not in use. Additionally they are economical, easy to handle and durable. Roller blinds can be opened fully or left partially opened at any level you like.

Blackout Blinds

These are a kind of roller blinds which are coated on the back so that light does not penetrate. Their advantages are similar to those of roller blinds though they have an added advantage of complete privacy, or dark. Blackout blinds are great for children’s nurseries, shift workers and your theater room.


Romans are made from soft fabric and when down, they lie flat against the window and gather into pleats when raised.


Venetians have horizontal slats made of plastic or wood, they are suspended with cords so that each slat is rotated together so you have control over privacy and light entering the room. These are easy to install and available in different colours and designs.

Plantation Blinds

These are shutters used on windows in the interior characterised by wide louvers. Although often more expensive than other types of blinds, they are durable and help with in home energy costs.

Light Filtering Blinds

This is made from a mesh and works in the same way as roller blinds. It sits close to the window and remains down to act as a screen allowing light in. They are available in different colours and, contrary to what you might think, the darker they are, the more light they let in.

Which Blinds Should I Choose For My Home?

Well that is the question? As you can see there is a wide range of blinds that can do different things, so when choosing the right type for your place it really depends on your need.

Blinds are  not something that you buy frequently therefore buyers need to think long term and choose quality that will last for many years. Carefully consider your needs and all options available to you.

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