Colonial Window Shutters – The Ultimate in Window Dressing

ShuttersFor a traditional heritage look, you can’t go past Colonial Window Shutters. Whether they be mounted on the outside or inside of your windows, Colonial Window Shutters add so much style to any home façade, whilst providing a host of added benefits most people wouldn’t attribute to this timeless classic.

Rian’s Window Treatments stock a range of Colonial Shutters to compliment your windows. Maybe you wish to mount your shutters inside the window to accompany swags and tails? Or outside to create a traditional heritage look for your home? Colonial Window Shutters have been the window treatment of choice for 100’s of years for a number of reasons.

  • Keep the Light and Heat Out
  • Style Versatility
  • WA Made Means WA Service

Keep the Light and Heat Out

Colonial Internal Shutters are an attractive method of insulation, with the ability to prevent heat loss in winter or heat gain in summer whilst still allowing good airflow, light control and an unrestricted view. Internal Timber Shutters enable you to have your new shutters partially open and the window open, allowing for fresh breeze without prying eyes or glaring sunlight.

Perfect for privacy, these shutters can also be used in conjunction with other window treatments from the Rian’s range.

Style Versatility

Wood Look Colonial ShuttersKeep the wood look or paint it any colour you wish! Our colonial shutters are Western Australian made from western red cedar timber. Red cedar comes in a clear finish or can be painted white for a more traditional finish.

WA Made Means WA Service

All Rian’s Window Treatments shutters are proudly WA made to the highest Australian standards. Due to this manufacturing proximity, if repairs are required they can be done quickly without enduring an 8 – 10 week wait for parts to arrive from overseas or interstate. Our experienced installation and repair staff can ensure your repair or install is completed quickly and correctly, with superior customer service only a phone call away.

Where Can I Find High Quality Colonial Window Shutters in Mandurah?

Rian’s Window Treatments not only stock a large range of all window treatments, they also provide superior parts and accessories with exceptional customer service and expertise. To enquire about the addition of Colonial Window Shutters to your home today, call 9581 5005 for a free measure and quote today.

Custom made blinds for you in Mandurah

Roller Blinds - Perfectly made to fit your windows from Rian's Window Treatments Mandurah

Today, there are many window treatments and coverings that you can choose for your home. You just have to decide which is best for you. A good choice for you is something that can:

  • Make your home beautiful
  • Suit your taste
  • Meet your requirements

With so many options, this should not give you a problem at all. One of the best options for you is to choose window blinds.

Why choose window blinds?

Blinds are excellent window coverings for your home as they offer several many benefits such as:

  • Easy to maintain
  • Gives you privacy
  • Helps block the light that enters into your home
  • Improve the elegance inside your home

The best things about window blinds are available in many different forms and designs. They are also made from different materials.

Find the right window blinds for your home

When choosing window blinds, you are left with two choices – go for readymade blinds or choose custom made blinds. The first one is a good option, especially if you want to use your blinds immediately. Readymade blinds are good for most situations, especially if you have standard size windows

For a more personalised window blinds, nonstandard size windows or when you want to exact math your decor, then custom-made blinds are just perfect for you. Custom-made blinds are great because they are designed, styled and made especially just for you and your requirement.

Why choose custom-made window blinds?

Custom-made window blinds have the advantage of being well designed, great quality and are made to fit your individual window perfectly, near enough is not good enough.

You will be surprised custom-made window blinds are often not much more expensive than some of the readymade options.

Custom made blinds for you in Mandurah

Looking for custom made blinds in Mandurah then contact Rian’s Window Treatments we are your window treatment specialists.

Oh no! You have already bought readymade blinds and are not happy with them?
At Rian’s Window Treatments we can alter readymade blinds to fit your windows, call us on 9581 5005.

For premium custom blinds and unique designs, give us a call today.
We’ll be happy to assist you with your window treatment needs to give you the highest living comfort for your home.