5 Ways to Hang Curtains

LivingroomIt is quite amazing what a beautiful set of curtains will add to the décor of a room. The same curtains that block the heat in summer, retain the warmth in winter and eliminate prying eyes can also create an atmosphere guaranteed to enhance the appearance and create emotional appeal in different rooms.

Below are 5 ways to hang curtains in order to achieve a unique look for any room:

1. A Professional Look

Creating a professional look in an office or home office can be done in many ways. Curtains change the appearance of any room and since first impressions are important at work, a professional style is preferred.

  • Keep it simple; choose plain neutral coloured rods and neutral colours for the curtains.
  • Make sure the colours match the décor.  Whether your office boasts a modern look or more traditional feel, you’ll want to choose curtains that complement the space.
  • Choose hardware that makes it simple to remove the curtains for cleaning.

2. A Romantic Mood

Sheer curtains are the perfect way to create a romantic mood in a room, and also give the room privacy during the day.

  • For a more romantic or relaxed atmosphere, try using a soft colour.
  • Consider a Valance (Swag) to help create a more classic romantic look.
  • When using Swag, double or triple brackets can be used to create a breezy, romantic tone.

3. Fun and Functional

When decorating a child’s room or play room, you’ll want a window treatment that is both functional and bright.

  • Choose curtains that are durable and easy to remove from the window to wash.
  • Rod pocket or tabbed pockets with a Teflon coated rod ensure simplicity when opening and closing the curtains.  They can also be quite easy to assemble.
  • If keeping the room cool and dark is a priority for getting a child off to sleep at night or during the day, then a heavy fabric that blocks both light and heat is best.

4. Kitchen Style

Modern kitchen curtains need to support many different personalised interior design needs.

  • Café style curtains are a popular choice in the kitchen. Usually rod pocket or tabbed curtains are used. Sometimes decorative rings are used, with rods to match.
  • For a more minimal feel, a gathered short curtain, approximately 5 or 7.5cm long, can be added to a rod along the top of the window. These are mini curtains with gatherings sewn into the fabric and can offer a frame for a beautiful view or simply take advantage of natural lighting.
  • For a classic, country style or heritage appearance that looks typically Australian, use natural wood grain decorative rods. They will give the kitchen a classic and stylish look.

5. Large Room Curtain Ideas

Large rooms can be particularly difficult to style.  A bit of creativity and the right curtains can go a long way towards creating a cosier, more private feel to your room.

  • Hang curtains from the ceiling. This technique can be used to divide a large room, such as a granny flat or bed-sit where curtains are hung to create privacy.
  • A stylish rod with ring brackets or hooks that are fixed to the ceiling and tabbed or rod pocket curtains can be used. Simply thread the curtains and hang.
  • Another way to give this design a classic, romantic, unique look is to add swag. Swags are material that is draped over the curtain rod and can add elegance to any room.

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