5 things you need to know before decorating with wallpaper

Sanderson wallpaper makes every room look wonderfulDo you find wallpapers attractive? Good, because they are just the perfect way to update the look of your home without spending too much money. When you’re tired of how your home looks, you can remove your old wallpaper and replace it with something nice and new. How cool is that? Often this is the main reason why many homeowners prefer using wallpaper rather than painting their walls.


Those papers with the lovely patterns you stick on your walls? Those are wallpapers. Through the years, they’ve been a common staple in our homes, but we hardly notice them – especially on how we can maximise its usage. Yes, the proper use of wallpaper can bring out the best in your home.

Here’s all the ins and outs on what you need to know about wallpaper.

1. How can I wallpaper a small room?

Stay away from dark coloured wallpaper with small prints. Choose wallpaper with large and fantastical print such as a botanical or bird print. The oversized print will create an illusion that the walls are bigger.

2. Where to use wallpaper with small prints?

Small prints work in a room where you want a sense of calm and peacefulness – a perfect example is in your bedroom. Do not use them in your living room because small prints often fade out and get lost in the largeness of the space.

3. How do I keep it from getting too expensive?

Love wallpapers but your budget is tight? Do one wall in a dramatic pattern and add a mirror on the opposite wall. That way, you can create an echo of the print without the need to use another wallpaper. Simple but effective.

4. What’s the common wallpaper mistake?

Sanderson wallpaper - Bright and beautifulWhen installing wallpaper, double check if the pattern is running in the right direction. Most people only realise when it’s too late and it has already been installed.

5. Use wallpaper in hallways and corridors

Wallpapers tend to end up in living rooms and bedrooms – therefore, completely forgetting your hallways and corridors. Hallways can be dark and boring, and by placing wallpaper can make the walls come to life.

5 things you need to know before decorating with wallpaper

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