5 roller blind mistakes you might be doing!

roller  blindsWant to install roller blinds in your home? Great, roller blinds can improve the overall appearance of your home. However, most of us didn’t know how to choose the right roller blinds, or how to install roller blinds. There are common mistakes that most people usually make when installing roller blinds.

Roller blind mistakes

Roller blinds can be a large part of your interior design and it is important that they are installed properly. You can avoid doing these mistakes by informing yourself about them. Here are the lists of roller blind mistakes that you won’t want to make.

  • Not Measuring Correctly
  • Wrong Colour
  • Focus Only On Price
  • Don’t Ask Advice
  • Don’t Read the Instructions

Not Measuring Correctly

You need to measure the right window size correctly. If you don’t measure your windows correctly, you will not able to use your blinds properly. Make sure to measure your windows first before purchasing roller blinds, will you blinds fit inside your windows? How far down will you blinds go? Also, don’t forget to consider the style of your windows.

Wrong Colour

If you choose the wrong colour for your blinds, you could totally ruin the effect you are trying to achieve. Choose the best colour that suits your interior design. Are you trying to match in with your current colours? Will there be too much of one colour so you won’t see the blind? Will the colour of your blinds clash or compliment the room design? Do you need a pattern or a plain blind? You can consult with some professionals to help you decide with the colour and style.

Focus Only On Price

If you only focus on the price, you may get what you pay for which won’t always suit your needs. You might be eager to buy roller blinds that are cheap so you can save your money but remember, there are other important factors that you need to consider aside from its price. If you want to buy some affordable roller blinds, consider the manufacturer’s reputation to ensure you get high quality blinds. A cheap blind usually is made from cheap materials and won’t last.

Don’t Ask Advice

Advice cost nothing but can often save you time and money. Experts and professionals are ready to answer your question and they can also help with your decision. They also know their products, the quality products and what is best suited to different situations.

Don’t Read the Instructions

You don’t follow the right installation procedure; you may end up with a huge lot of trouble. Most roller blinds usually come with their own instructions, make sure you follow them, they are there to help you. Read all the instructions very carefully and install your blinds properly.

5 roller blind mistakes you might be doing!

These are some common roller blinds mistakes you should take note.

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