5 common myths about blinds you should know!

blinds-by-riansThinking of buying blinds for your windows?

If yes, you might start doing some research about blinds to make sure you get your money’s worth. In doing so, you might hear a thing or 2 about blinds that makes you hesitant about it. There are definitely a lot of myths and mistruths about blinds so let’s have a look at some of them.

Blind myths

Like any other products, there are myths circulating about blinds. Sadly, some of these myths become so common that some people think that they are true. Here are the lists of myths that you may or may not have come across:

  • Blinds aren’t practical
  • They only suit certain rooms
  • They’re hard to clean
  • They never match your décor
  • Getting the right size is hard

window-blindsBlinds aren’t practical

This is not true at all – in fact, blinds are one of the most practical items any home should have. They are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere inside your home! With proper maintenance, they can last for many years!

They only suit certain rooms

Another myth – with the wide variety of styles and designs available for blinds, you can find something that will suit your bedroom, kitchen and even your bathroom! Whether you have vertical blinds in your living room, Venetian blinds in your home office or roman blinds in your kitchen, they will all look like they fit in perfectly.

They’re hard to clean

Again – this is not true. Take down your blinds whenever you want to clean them. You can run a feather duster on close blind slats and they’re clean already. Or for extra dirty blinds, you can use a damp cloth to get rid of the dirt. You also have the option to have it professionally cleaned – in case you don’t have the time to clean it yourself or not sure on how to do it.

They never match your décor

Yes, they can. This is purely a myth. If you are unsure about your blind selection, you can consult with an expert to help you decide which blinds will match your home’s interior. With the wide selection of blinds, you can always find something that will work best with your existing furnishing and home décor.

great-blindsGetting the right size is hard

No matter what size your windows are, you can have a blind custom made to suit your property. Once installed, they’ll fit perfectly on your windows so when it comes to blinds, finding the right size don’t matter at all.

5 common myths about blinds you should know

Now you know. Blinds are a great addition to your home and don’t believe everything you hear. Sometimes; it’s worth to do a little research and digging around first.

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