5 Benefits to Having Roller Blinds on Your Windows

Roller_BlindsRoller blinds are a great choice for many reasons. They suit a modern décor and are also perfect for a room that requires a professional or minimalist look.

They are an effective insulator from extreme heat or cold and offer total privacy in any room.  In addition, they are simple to open and close and are also available in a motorised options are available.

The following are 5 benefits to having roller blinds on your Windows:

1. Roller Blinds Offer More Privacy

Roller blinds block the interior of the house completely so the people inside cannot be seen at all. They are also effective at blocking out light from sun street lights etc, heat or keeping winter warmth in.  Alternately, they can be rolled all the way up to allow as much light as possible into the room. With roller blinds you also have the option to have them partially open or closed.

2. Roller Blinds Are Great For Large Windows

Roller blinds have a link bracket system and are perfect for large windows. This bracket system is unique and only used with this type of blind. Often two sets of blinds are fixed to the one bracket, reducing space between them and maximising privacy within the room.

roller blinds3. Roller Blinds Insulates Against Outside Noises

Roller blinds are highly effective at reducing outside noise. They are the perfect choice for an office, a kitchen, a bedroom or any room where maximum noise reduction is preferred.

4. Roller Blinds Are Simple To Maintain

Cleaning roller blinds is a pretty simple matter of running over them with an attachment you would use with a vacuum cleaner for upholstery. Stains can be cleaned with a wet sponge and they do not gather as much dust.

5. Roller Blinds Reduce the Glaring Sun

Roller blinds are great for a room that gets direct sunlight. Perfect in your dining room where that afternoon sun hits in summer just as the family gathers for dinner. Roller Blinds are also great for keeping the winter warmth in your home.

Roller Blinds offer many benefits and you will find a wide range of them at Rian’s Window Treatments. For more information, call us on 9581 5005, we will even come to you.